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Delt tear…

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I’ve been in servere pain since Monday from a delt injury I did at the gym last weekend. I can hardly move my right arm. I’ll be getting a scan done as soon así can… but any customers waiting for shop items, custom videos or cam shows you’ll have to show much patience with me til I’m back to, smashing, normal!

The white version of my PeePee!

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Keeping in theme with the latest film to drop at my XXX page called Epic Wank, here´s a clip of me playing with me and another blokes cock. So… I´m in Paris and this muscle daddy gets me over to smash his hot muscle sub bottom. (A lot of tops get off on watching me smash their subs/pups/boys… seeing how much pleasure the guys get from my cock and how well I destroy them.) So I´m with these two guys who are as chilled and friendly as they are sexy and piggy and I finally notice the daddy´s dick. It takes me some time cause as you know I´m not into any dick other than my own so I never pay attention to that general area of a guy. When I finally do I see that his dick looks exactly like mine! Just the white version. I have never plaid so much attention to another dudes dick as I did this fellas that night. I asked him if he was a pumper and he said yes which made sense why we our monster cocks were so similar.

He said he would be up for filming something with me next time I´m in Paris so you guys might be into a treat next time I visit there. I can call the film, Twin Fuckers! Cocks from another Mutha! The list goes on…

NEW VIDEO!- Epic Wank

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ROGAN finds himself still horned up after dumping his seed in a bloke, filming, in Amsterdam but too tired to go on the hunt. Instead, he films himself jacking one out. ROGAN never wanks to ejaculation these days as his seed is commodity that is in high demand. This is a special video from him to his followers and at 12 minutes 45 seconds, one of epic proportions! With a bonus 3 minutes of him lying there after his monster has exploded (for the second time that night!) talking crap.


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