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I remember I had this, special, client.  Not retarded but not socially adjusted to what may or may not be proper behaviour or conduct when interacting with another man sexually. God knows if he played with women and what happened then? You can imagine the vast amount of situations I have found myself in and I generally can’t remember last month let alone last decade! But I do remember this kid have a really smelly cheesy cock. I mean, his cheese makes the cheese I have in this video look pathetic. You could have used a tea spoon on his dick. Now at the time a “cheesy dick” to me was not even considered a fetish it was purely bad hygiene and disgusting. No, I did not suck it, or come close to touching it.

Now I think back and wonder if it was in fact his lack of social etiquette or if he was a filthy fetish pig? It wouldn’t be till literally a decade later that I had a lover that was into dick cheese and open my mind to it as a fetish. Since that happened I have really gotten into achieving a cheesy cock and making a sub first sniff, then clean it with his mouth. Then taste it on his mouth when I kiss him straight after. I think I especially get off on it, ’cause its hard for me to smell anything. NO, my rank BO hasn’t burnt my nostrils numb, my nose was cauterised as a child to stop constant blood noses I would suffer from and since then I have a very weak to pretty non-existent sense of smell. BUT I can smell my cock when its cheesy! And it FKIN smells amazing.

The other attraction for me is how bloody hard it for me to get a cheesy dick due to the fact that I am sticking it in guys mouths and ass holes so often there’s no opportunity for it to accumulate. SO being home with Mamma Flex for family time and an over-due rest. Remember that sabatical I was taking in Dec last year. Well, it was far from it due to major trouble in paradise. So when I arrived back in Aust the day before. my Bday I was very happy to start a well welcomed rest – still ongoing. This down time allowed me to get as cheesy cock as you see in this little clip. (Also note my ball sack is normal sized as I have not been cock and ball pumping since being home!). And as I wasn’t planning to break my celibacy I had to do something with my cheesy cock, right?! I even surprised myself when I thought to eat my own cheese and wank off to it… But I got me off! I will however say it was disappointingly not as tasteful as it is stinky.

Tell me how much YOU LOVE my MUSCLES and COCK!


I never thought I’d enjoy wanking again so much! Admittedly I did start actively filming me show off on video flexing and wanking for my Only Fans content. I guess thats one good thing that’s come from that stupid platform. And the great piggy followers of course!  I also have a new found addiction to standing in front of a camera or person, staring them dead in the eyes and playing with myself. Watching them turn into a slobbering piggy mess for every part of me. I have also noticed the more they give me compliments or tell me Im the best cock they’ve ever had, that seems to get me harder….