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A follower said I should auction My first load when he heard I’d have to fuck with a condom after the cock tear, unfortunately, my man and I were locked down on the opposite ends of the planet like star crossed lesbians. But it didn’t stop us having a 4 hr straight cam session which resulted in that rubber! So comment below if you wanna bid for it! Plus it’s a Super protein meal replacement during these day’s of empty shelves in the supermarket!

I turn 40 and my website turns 4 next month!

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I have to come up with something better than this…

If you didn’t know memberships are ONLY $6.99/month for 3 months for the FKCOVID-19 sale. Lockdown and get off with your muscle alpha daddy!

I work really hard to give you genuine 100% real raw piggy muscle sex! Nothing you see on my XXX page is scripted or fake, for likes or popularity or for any accolade other than to get you off!

Speaking of Days! I could really do with a new weight built! For me and my man Bruiser. DM me if you wanna get me these!