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This RO-RI members exclusive video starts with your Beast Daddy starting a CAM session where he shows off his massive cock and then proceeds to Tie it*, using a shoelace. Making it obscenely engorged! The second half ROGAN plays to the camera using an assortment of cockrings to tie and stretch his cock and sack to get the same result.

*Tying or wrapping, is the fetish of using a rope, material, or in the case of this video a shoelace, to tie the base and or balls tight to trap the blood and make your junk swell up even larger. It is like wearing a cockring but much more extreme. Please be careful if you decide to try this, start slow and easy and slowly increase the intensity. You can tie too hard which may injure you little fella.



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The first time I used a shoe lace to tie my cock up and make it hard was when I was in Singapore and a bloke had hired me for a long session. During which my cockring snapped and it was my last one. He suggested I use his shoelace and, admittedly I was dubious at first. But I got through that night with an extra swollen huge cock! The guy gave me his shoe lace, it is the same one that I am using in this clip. For quite a time after that night I used that shoe lace instead of a cockring when I was having sex. The below footage is taken from the new RO–RI film XXL Cock Tied.

I had posted me using the shoelace in a few videos at the time and it wasn’t long til a few guys approached me telling me that they were into wrapping or tying their junk off as a fetish. I would even wrap with a few guys on cam now and then. It can also be used as a form of CBT. In this video I show you how I wrap. There is no right or wrong way. But remember you’re basically restricting your junks blood flow and making your cock larger by trapping the blood in it, so if you are going to try this please start slow and softly, then increase the tension as you progress.