About Rogan


I never wanted to be a Porn Star but I FKIN LOV being one now and all the opportunities it has provided me with. The biggest being this website!

After my site was “coming soon” for a hellish 3 years I went into partnership with IN-CHARGE.NET and we advertised my long anticipated site to be launching in January 2016. Now my website goes from strength to stronger.

“I’ve reviewed a lot of single-performer sites in my career and they almost always start out with a bang and peter out quickly, but this isn’t the case with Rogan Richards. Everything about his site shows that he really cares about giving his fans an entertaining stay…” GayDemon.com

Turning 4 in 2020 and I still have so much I want to achieve, do and share with my fans. As a sex beast I have only just begun to share my dirty, sexual fantasies and fetish’s with you and have so much more to explore. As a bodybuilder I want to grow so much bigger and show you how I achieve this and help you to reach your body goals. As an artist I want to explore my creativity through different projects and share them with you through my Blog and Shop page.

But none of this would be possible without YOU. So thank you for all your support, interest and unwavering loyalty throughout my career. To all the creative people who were game enough to collaborate with me. To all the sexy men who were brave enough to bend over in front of me. Massive thank you to my “Scooby gang’ and Skip for the amount of times he said yes to all my crazy ideas. To Rev for coming on board now for the next chapter.

And a MASSIVE thanks to my amazing members that are the funding backbone to all my adventures! Without you, there’s no me.

“Hey man… can you do something about your website because I cannot stop cumming man” Justin_andrews0102

“Just thought I’d tell you that not only do I use your workouts and train to one day look like you, but I jerk off to your videos every fucking day” rjnap101

“Man, I just subscribed to your website and in the past hour, I’ve nutted three times. Damn, you’ve got awesome content” john.laflamme

“Usually it takes me 2, 30 minute porns and a cumshot to finish, however I’ve never been able to make it through even a 15 minute one of yours. ” beardedgingerbear

“Nobody knows about true sex… until they meet Rogan Richards… then, kamasutra is obsolete and other porn stars are simple mortals” Atlas daddy

All of which is here at www.roganrichards.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I get fucked by you?
Answer: There are two ways, first is hire me if we are in the same city, or second is apply to film with me via my web site by clicking on the “Film with Rogan” button.

Question: Do you fuck your fans?
Answer: YES! I have a FMF (Fuck My Fans) series that you can be part of you just need to apply via my website as above.

Question: How do I get into Porn?
Answer: The best way to get into the industry is apply online to the porn company you want to film with. Pick ones that make films that you like to watch and use guys that you wanna fuck with and that you look similar too. These days you also have avenues like Just For Fans that you can use to promote yourself and get your name known which might help get companies interested in you.

Question: How do you ship your ripe clothing?
Answer: They are sealed in an air tight bag and then posted in a package.

Question: When will you bottom again?
Answer: Never.

Question: Who was your favourite scene partner?
Answer: Skippy.