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In 2016 my website was launched. It embodied the accumulation of years of a young man´s dreams. I had had success as a model, worked in the film industry and had a crowd favourite short film in the gay film festival circuit. In 2009 I posted a clip of me flexing on YouTube. A year later I stumbled upon it looking for bodybuilders to wank too and saw that I had more likes than any of the other guys in the suggestions panel. That´s when Rogan Richards was born.

Two years after that Men At Play catapulted me into the porn industry. Then in 2016 a bloke named Andy from IN-CHARGE.NET approached me about managing a website and 2 weeks after that my website was up and running. It remains the backbone to my career and allows me a platform to turn every one of my biggest passions in life into a profession. Fucking, bodybuilding, and art.

Thanks to my website I maintained a foothold in the industry after leaving studio porn and continued to be able to build my brand. I created my own porn that was driven by real fucking, with real guys who I wanted to fuck with. I placed first in my first national IFBB bodybuilding competition and second in the Arnold Classic, released a 3D calendar (Glasses included) and my signature dildo.

Now in 2022, and with the launch of my OnlyFans, I wanted to RELAUNCH my website and take it in a new direction which on my XXX page will focus more on a deeper more focused exploration of my fetishes, pushing me to my sexual limits and expanding my existing kinks. On my BODYBUILDING page, I will film my recovery (from nerve damage I got in Dec 2021 when I lost the use of my right arm.) and journey back to the competitive stage. Continuing to explore muscle worship and my growth fetish. I will try and realise every crazy creative idea I have had for my SHOP page, whilst I continue to be as goofy and nerdy as you know me to be on my BLOG.

If you are a member of my website, I want to THANK YOU as you are the funding backbone to all my fantasies, dreams and achievements and I have a massive hard on to share with you, this next chapter in my journey towards world domination!

Your Alpha King,

“Your fetish videos are the best content out there. You´re simply one of the greatest stars ever.¨ Sean Ivers

“It´s great seeing someone promote sex positivity in such a fun and engaging way. Thanks!” Anon

“I bought your Signature dildo and now I wish you´d fuck me!” nxck_ja

“I´m hench as fuck! And I got your workout videos to thank for it.” LoadSUB64

“Fuck you stunk nice at coles the other day” Bert

“That cock is like a pokemon. They have many evolutions, I love it” José Alian Morales

“I also joined your website today and I´ve cummed 4 times so far this afternoon best porn site ever” Anon

All of which is here at