Back with Skippy Baxter! 2015

It was late and cold the night we filmed this. Both SKIP and I had to dig deep to get trough the workout. I have said this in videos before, the main muscle you need to work in order to be a true MUSCLE BEAST, is your head. Besides educating yourself on food, sups and weight training you have to continually motivate and drive yourself to bigger better gains. It can be a real mind fuck at times but you need to find what motivates you when all you want to do is give up. It could be a SEXY-ASS training partner like SKIP (and knowing after we work out I get to go pump his ass after we’ve just pumped ourselves up is pretty good motivation for me!) It could be music, I couldn’t have gotten through contest prep cardio without Nicki Minaj! What ever it is find it and use it and SMASH IT!

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