Custom Video – The Beast!

ROGAN is renowned for his CUSTOM VIDEOS. Recently a fan asked him to play out a fantasy of his that is inspired by the short stories he has written for ROGAN’S blog. “The Farm” and “The Farm II”. As the themes play heavily into ROGAN’S own fetishes of Furry art, animalistic fucking, making muscle pups into huge bodybuilders using his own muscle seed, muscle worship, not so much the animals but the animals fucking the humans so ROGAN okayed the idea of it and conceptualised it into how it would actually be a turn on. Kind off. If we were to try and find a turn on in… Any way…

When ROGAN makes his Customs, he is 100% method acting and gets deep into the fantasy he has been asked to re-enact. When watching back this particular Custom he thought it was very FKIN hot and very different to anything else on his site and decided to give it to Azza as a thank you for the short stories and with his permission to post it on his website.

Read the short stories “The Farm” and “The Farm II” at ROGANS blog page now.

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