This is the first exclusive DIRECTORS film for the web site. Shot on August 20th in London 2015 and filmed by the renowned leather and fetish photographer MATT SPIKE and featuring BRICKLAYER 1001.

ROGAN first met MATT back in 2012 on set of a RECON photo shoot. They hit it off straight away and said that they should collaborate again in the future. That collaboration soon took place in another photo shoot featuring ROGAN’S boyfriend at the time, TOMMY as seen at the GALLERY PAGE of his web site. They wanted to do more but it took 3 years and 10 extra kilos of hard hairy muscle before ROGAN and MATT had the chance to work again in 2015.

MATT jumped at the chance to be the first featured director on ROGAN’S new website. He introduced ROGAN to BRICKLAYER 1001. Both ROGAN and BRICKLAYER 1001 were dead keen to fuck and do a cross promotion film for their respective websites. ROGAN grabbed his EAGLE LEATHER and rocked up to MATT’S apartment, hard cock, pumped muscles and ready for some dirty, sweaty sex.

a film by MATT SPIKE
with BRICKLAYER 1001

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