Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes Vol One Bulldozered

If you follow ROGAN you would know his partner in crime, SKIPPY BAXTER. His best mate, lover and FUCK BUD all in one SEXY ASS WHITE MUSCLED JOCK package. ROGAN has been quoted saying that SKIP is the “Best root down under!” Now you get to see why.

This is the video you have all been waiting for! ROGAN completely dominates and shows why he is the number one ALPHA TOP export out of Australia. A PURE FUCKING MACHINE! 100 kilos of hard, sweaty, thick muscle, hungry for one thing, to pound SKIPPY BAXTER’S hot white bubble butt.

SKIPPY BAXTER’S hot white, firm bubble butt takes everything that ROGAN can hit him with introducing himself as Australia’s number one POWER BOTTOM export.

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