Sweaty Underwear Plus




You know it’s time to get filthy when you buy your Alpha Beast Kings ripe stinking briefs that are stained in his musk and testosterone. His body sweat has been globally described as “…better than poppers!” filled with his roided pheromones and his piggy hormones. And his huge sack and hung cock sweat is intense with the bonus smell of his dripping piss and cock cheese.

Buying his reeking used briefs is the next best thing to licking his fat cock and balls clean! Wear it to out and smell that intense primal masculinity through your pants. Wear it when you go to fuck and shove it in you or your fuck pigs face or sniff it when you jack off to your Gorilla Daddy!

(Or frame them for prosperity!)

You also get personalized pics and a video of ROGAN wearing your item!

Sizes. Large
Cut: Hipster briefs.
Colours. Plain one color.
Price: $159.00 inc shipping

*Specify in order notes any additional packaging/preparations you want to pass on to ROGAN. Style may vary slightly. Allow 2-4 weeks for item to be ready for postage due to ROGAN’S heavy schedule and work commitments.


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