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You know it’s time to get filthy when you buy your Alpha Beast Kings ripe stinking T that is stained in his musk and testosterone. His body sweat has been globally described as “…better than poppers!” filled with his roided pheromones and his piggy hormones.

Buying his reeking used T is the next best thing to licking the sweat straight off his hairy over muscled body! Wear it to out and have guys stare at you when they smell that intense primal masculinity or wear it when you fuck or when you jack off to your Gorilla Daddy!

(Or frame them for prosperity!)

Sizes: Large or XL
Color: Plain one color.
Price: $79.00 inc shipping

*Specify in order notes any additional packaging/preparations you want to pass on to ROGAN. Style may vary slightly. Allow 2-4 weeks for item to be ready for postage due to ROGAN’S heavy schedule and work commitments.


5 reviews for Sweaty T

  1. Max

    Amazing! I will definitely be ordering again!

  2. Frank – San Diego, CA – USA (verified owner)

    I just placed an order for one of Rogan’s sweat drenched shirts, and I’ll just say that this isn’t the first shirt I’ve bought from Rogan. The shirt comes out of its packaging actually soaked in sweat. (I thought the shirt would just smell great, but I’ll take his actual sweat over a dry shirt any day!) I should add that you shouldn’t open the bag until you are prepared to pound one out….this shirt WILL give you an instant rock-cock. This stuff’s better than a little blue pill any day… I’ve had my first one for a few weeks now, and it still bones me up solid in less than 3 seconds when I take a whiff of it. Some days when I’m particularly horned up, I’ll wipe his shirt all over my beard and ‘stache so I can smell that man-beast scent all day.
    I hope this next comment doesn’t land under the category of a “spoiler”, but
    another thing that got me hard was that the actual shirt packaging (inside the insulated shipping envelope) had a quick, hand-signed message from Rogan to me. One of the things I’ve always loved about Rogan is how bigger than life he is, with all of the hottest features a man could have all perfectly combined into one man’s body…but he’s still so fucking down to earth. This guy couldn’t be any cooler…or HOTTER!

  3. bigtucker4

    Fucking huge fan of this alpha beast. Got a custom video recently and it is OFF the charts hot. Cannot get enough. That hairy muscle daddy gets me rock hard every time. As for the sweaty shirt I ordered–just like Frank in SD, it is awesome. Drenched and still damp from the beast himself. Great heady scent as i had imagined. Was happy to find some of his chest hair in mine. The scent is heavenly and better than poppers. WOOF.

    • Rogan Richards


  4. Jared B (verified owner)

    Rogan is an absolute beast and the sweaty T has so much great scent. I can barely imagine how much better it would be to lick his sweaty body in person!

  5. Alex-0102 (verified owner)

    One little sniff from just opening the bag was enough to give me a hard on. One sniff of the actual T-shirt and I was cumming like crazy without even touching myself. It’s definitely worth every single cent.

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