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Customers take note. There are significant delays to all products due to Lockdowns and it being winter. Rogan will do everything he can to sweat in your items, train in them, fuck in them, jump up and down in them, but expect massive delays. He promises it will be worth the wait!

ROGAN will wear your socks all day, fucking or smashing the iron, until it’s soaking ripe with his ‘Beast sweat’.

Sizes. 9-11
Coulours. Plain one color.

*Specify in order notes any additional packaging/preparations you want to pass on to ROGAN. Style may vary slightly. Allow 2-4 weeks for item to be ready for postage due to ROGAN’S heavy schedule and work commitments.


2 reviews for Sweaty Socks

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    I received a pair of socks from Rogan today. I am totally overwhelmed and “HE” stands immediately! It won’t be my last order! Rogan is and smells just WUNDERFUL!!

  2. Rogan Richards

    Thanks for the comment mate and happy you got to enjoy my testosteroned ripe foot sweat!

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