This section documents my journey as bodybuilder from a lean 80 something kilos physique model in 2010, to a 105 kilo muscle beast in 2017. Getting first place in my first ever bodybuilding competition and second at the renowned Arnold Classic in 2016.

I am continuously being told I am a bodybuilding role model and inspiration to so many men who dream to look like me one day. Well right here is how I created this body and I am happy to share it with my members. With 45 workout videos, and more to come, categorized into main muscle groups, which they can download, copy and use for themselves to help them achieve their body goals

It inspires me when I hear that I have had such a positive influence on my flowers and that I can help them feel stronger, more confident and proud of how they look and who they are.

We only live this life once so lets make the FKIN most of it and push ourselves to be the best we can be! It starts now with you and I’m here to help you…

It’s ALL about the FLEX!