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I never wanted to be a PORN STAR I only started doing films to gain fans to join my then, very basic web site. When my career exploded in 2012 I knew I could make a career outta being ROGAN RICHARDS. I could pursue all my creative dreams and use my body to open doors and generate interest in who I was and what I was doing. I also knew that my first web site (Thank you Peter!) wasn’t powerful enough to keep up with my rising profile. At the beginning of 2013 I took it down with the understanding that I would have a new web site in 4-6 weeks by a company I had hired.

Over 3 years later I still had nothing.

In my entire career I had never felt so frustrated, demoralized and BUTT fucked as I have working with that company. I had asked porn stars, porn companies, artist’s and their pet gold fish for help and though I have always had a real positive response form everyone in the industry no could give me a straight answer or solution to the problems I was having.


At the beginning of 2015 I got a message from IN-CHARGE.NET on my Facebook page asking if I wanted a web site. At first I declined explaining my situation. Luckily (and let this be a lesson to anyone reading this, persistence and taking the initiative DOES pay off!) IN-CHARGE.NET came back 2 weeks later with a mock up web site that was 10 times better than the actual site I was working on that had taken 3 years for this other company to develop. I also had just found out about several major flaws in the site. It was then that I finally gave up and accepted the loss of 3 years income and professional damages and over $6000 spent and walked away. (Did I mention I was royally BUTT fucked!?)

I contacted IN-CHARGE.NET and said, “Lets do this!” and a couple of months later here we are!

This web site allows me to give back to the industry that created me, and that I am proud to be apart of, the PORN industry. I get to show my fans the real sex machine that I am – there’s no script or acting here. It allows me to take my bodybuilding to the next level with my own online coaching (In development) and most importantly allows me to showcase my passion in photography, film, performance and editing. It allows me to be me 100% FULL THROTTLE!

“it’s ALL about The FLEX!” and it’s my chance to finally show the world what I’m made off!



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SKIPPY was on the main stage blindfolded, his eyes covered by a SCRUFF bandana. His large muscular frame sat on a chair, stretching a tight T shirt that had “SIRCUIT RULZ!” written on it.

I appeared on the opposite side of the club on the stage that a muscular GOGO boy had just come down from. I was wearing a SCRUFF hat turned backwards with an 80s visor that covered my pretty face. My massive upper body was also stretching another tight T that had “DON’T HATE – CREATE!” written on it in response to a angry ‘tran’s’, with a major pole up her cunt about me, who’d recently publically attacked me for being too pretty and the club I was performing at for supporting my astounding beauty. I had my EAGLE LEATHER black lycra G banger on and “Cum fuck me !” boots.

A peaches track started and I humped the wall for a while before flexing and playing with my cock. I then noticed the hot meat waiting for me on the main stage. SKIPPY BAXTER. I remove my visor and then stalk my way over to the stage like a Lion on the hunt.

Once on the stage I play with my prey, ripping open his T and pouring Johnston and Johnston baby oil down his thick hairy pecs and abs, in between licking and feeling his muscular body up I shove my tongue hard down his throat. It’s not hard to get hot and heavy with SKIPPY BAXTER.

I then take his blindfold off and move to the front of the stage waiting for SKIP to come up behind me and rip my T off, my thick pecs popping out which SKIP then man handles while drowning my muscles in the baby oil. Both of us are topless now, im wearing my G Banger and boots, SKIP has on a jock strap and my #dontyouknowmyshoesarefamous yellow Adidas kicks.

We mutually worship each other’s muscles and lock lips trying to eat each other’s faces until the track ends and the show ends.


I placed SKIP on the stage and should have told Keller to turn the stage lights off. You see the problem was as soon as I put SKIP up there everyone started flocking to the front of the bar, where the stage is located. I actually had a little difficulty getting though the crowd to get to the back of the club where I was starting the show. I assumed people would A. See me walking to the back of the bar. And or B. Look around when SKIPPY just sat there doing nothing for 2 minutes.

So I stuck to the original plan and started the show at the opposite side of the bar.

A. No one cared that I had walked to the other end of the bar. What also was fantastic but worked against this elaborate stage show was the entire club was packed so there was already a big crowd at the back waiting for me.

And B. Everyone just stood there staring at SKIP who sat there doing fuck all.

When it was finally time for me to move through the club to the front stage I couldn’t even get through the crowd. By the time I actually made it to SKIP we had less than a minute to interact with one another and then the show was over. Blink and you missed it.

images by DAMO!


I could tell everyone was pretty unimpressed with the show or lack of one. So I got back up an hour later on the back stage flopped my fat hard cock out and let them all blow me – hard to complain when my dicks in their mouth.

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