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“Strip clubs and dollar bills”

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What Ri-Ri said. found this footage of me at Adonis Lounge back in 2012 or 13 (I think?) and it made me laugh! “He doesn’t do this for everyone!” is what the MC announces. I’m such a pup and as innocent as I ever was. Especially when I shake my finger at the audience to tell them I won’t get my junk out. Now you can’t make me put it in my pants and I do that for everyone and their pets!

How time changes us…


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Footage from that awesome night when BIGGER PARTY EXXXCITED! invited me to perform for them in São Paulo! They moved the party to a bigger venue to suit my popularity and everyone involved was more than happy. I had so much fun and basically just had to walk around the stage, after some introduction flexing and a very quick striptease (I really don’t like wearing clothes!), naked and tease the audience with my cock or ass hole. And get paid for it! FUCK I LOVE MY LIFE! Massive thank you to BIGGER PARTY and I hope to get back to Brazil after all this Covid shit is over and work with them again.

the FANTASTIC PARTY performance piece celebrating 20 years of Eagle Leather!

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Speaking of the Fantastic Party, the first one was also Eagle Leather‘s 20th birthday which they asked me to perform at. It was their idea to have me jump outta a cake. I loved the idea and said I should get wheeled onto the dance floor in the cake and then once out I decided to do Samantha Fox’s TOUCH ME song which I am now known for performing at Sircuits birthday later the same year.

Here for the first time, you can see the original performance and that infamous cake. Whatever happened to that cake?

Special thanks to Damo from Darkroom Projects for helping me with props and bopping along next to the unimpressed looking Skippy.