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Guess its that day when I repost that XXXAMS performance I did way back when! It never gets old though.

This was the first time I ever got naked in front of a crowd of people. This was pre-cockrings, pumping and pre-porn! I was so nervous but I forced myself out of my comfort zone and made myself go for it! The funny thing is the crowd got more nervous than me. A guy getting his dick out in public that wasnt a strip club or sex venue was not common back then and even against the law. When you see me walking along the crowd with my xmas stocking, I was trying to hand out presents to the audience but when i held them out people shied away. I literally had to just throw one of the gifts into the crowd cause no one would take it from me.* Australia has come a long way since then and so has my cock…

*Or maybe I stank too much?



I did this performance a very long time ago but only recently had the time and motivation to finally edit it together and finally present it to the world! I started doing shows live on stage in 2010. I like to call it performance art. Others may call it messy shit storms. I was just having fun and trying to make the people who watched me also have fun even if it was at my expense. Enjoy my Monster Show!

Special thank you to Sircuit for always allowing me to have a stage to perform on. And of course, Skippy Baxter, who was the Robin to my Batman back when I started my career.

the FANTASTIC PARTY performance piece celebrating 20 years of Eagle Leather!


Speaking of the Fantastic Party, the first one was also Eagle Leather‘s 20th birthday which they asked me to perform at. It was their idea to have me jump outta a cake. I loved the idea and said I should get wheeled onto the dance floor in the cake and then once out I decided to do Samantha Fox’s TOUCH ME song which I am now known for performing at Sircuits birthday later the same year.

Here for the first time, you can see the original performance and that infamous cake. Whatever happened to that cake?

Special thanks to Damo from Darkroom Projects for helping me with props and bopping along next to the unimpressed looking Skippy.

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