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Guys always ask me how did I get my nips so big? Mutated is probably a more accurate description. Unlike most daddy’s who have those thick, almost ear bud, kinda like street cone nipples from endless use of their nipple suckers. I couldn’t achieve this look as suckers, other than the mega sized ones you see me use that leaves my tits looking like I have serious gyno, do not work on me. So my nipples are this big mostly due to upgrading my nipple bars to ridiculous proportions. (I remember once going into a tattoo and piercing shop to ask them to put my nipple ring back in and they took one look at it, then looked at me and said, “This is not meant for your nipple.” and i had to convince them not that they were wrong, but that i didn’t give a shit. So from upgrading my nip metal and then from insane nipple play and torture. I had non distinct regular itty bitty ones to start with, and just like every other body part, over the years I built them into the humongous appenditures you see today!

then they ask how hard can they go on them? and honestly you can go from gentle to hard core. But just don’t start at hard core. build your way up and usually let me do the driving. at first anyway. there is a huge turn on from gentle, almost feather light, nipple teasing that people undervalue. Which is understandable when I am there slapping the back oh their head quite hard saying, “Go harder!” over and over again, my slaps getting harder but their teeth or hands not doing the same from fear of hurting me. (I roll my eyes at that point, reside to the fact that what I’m getting is not gonna get any better, and move their focus to my cock instead.)

SO this is the clip that made ROGAN shave off his chest hair!

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There was this big uproar about me shaving my chest. Admittedly, as I am known for being the “hairy’ and one of the first guys to proudly be fully hairy, not to be mistaken with designer hairy, in a commercial porn environment. I get it. Some people feel betrayed. Some just prefer the hair. BUT others are goin ape over how swollen and full my tits look clean shaven, including me!

One guy wrote me saying now all gays will think they need to shave their chest! Firstly, thanks for suggesting I have such a massive sway on gay culture! Secondly, more than standing for being proud to be hairy, I stand for being proud to be yourself. And what ever way you decide you want to look or makes you happy with yourself. Hairy, smooth, fat, skinny, manicured or scruffy. YOU BE YOU!

You can’t please everyone so just please yourself. And you do what you need to yourself to make you happy with yourself.

I’m, loving the smooth tits for now but the hair will be back eventually. Till then bask in all my chest shinny, voluptuous, glory!