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Click on the MUSCLE WORSHIP category on my XXX page for the best worship clips you will ever see. I know there’s bigger monsters than me but even guys double my size submit to me as their Alpha Muscle Beast! I often step outside my body and observe myself and what I am doing. Lately I have noticed that I am not as verbal or assertive in my domination over the guys I meet but never-the-less they are as submissive as when I was. I sometimes wonder why this is? I distinctly remember I was in a club in Brazil and a guy came up to me and said I just stand there, doing nothing and exude masculinity. That guys act or try to do what they perceive will make them masculine or dominant but I don’t have to. I just am. Like it is something primal in me. I remember this because I thought it was a FKIN awesome thing to say and boosted my ego out of the roof BUT at the same time humbled me knowing the journey I took from an insecure, self shamming, socially awkward boy and teen into the man I was standing in that club that night.

This primal alpha dominance is never more displayed than when I am flexing and being worshipped. Add to that, it is a massive turn on that makes my engorged fat cock throb like a fire hose turned on full blast, and you have the making for a very extreme testosterone filled beastial show of thick hairy muscular dominance and superiority. The sub feeds my need to display my God-like physique and in turn knowing he’s getting off on me makes me get off on myself even more! Its a win-win.

The above clip was taken from some footage I posted on my Only Fans You can see my using this sub in Eat Daddy’s Cock and Feet Fetish Fuck at my XXX page.



There’s this terrible idea that is installed in us at a young age to NOT love yourself. Don’t be too proud. Don’t celebrate your physical beauty. Being humble doesn’t mean not allowing yourself to think you are FKIN amazing it means don’t devalue what you have done in life to make yourself FKIN amazing. Loving yourself doesn’t mean you think you’re better than anyone else, it just means you think you are the best you can be. I have always spoken out against self shamming because I did that to myself when I was young. It gets a little more hard to navigate between the difference of self love and narcissism with the emphasis on commercially good looks that saturates social media.

Let’s have a look at me. I have made a career from my body. Anyone who takes a minute to look into who I am will soon see there’s a lot more to me than that, but most probably the first reason anyone takes note of me is because of my porn or bodybuilding or shameless pics on social media and online. But I didn’t create my body image to be globally loved , for me, my physical journey started because I needed to love myself. We wont drown in why looking like a massive, half beast half man, muscled God was the only way I could be happy with myself. There are a lot of underlying facts that play into my perception of body image and self confidence. But let’s skip the therapist’s chair, leave that for another post, and just know that I am the way I look and act because that was what made me confident and comfortable with myself and ultimately to love myself.

Afterwards I ended up being a sex worker, and one of the last Pornstars, till Only Fans killed them off, and online coach and bodybuilder. And yes, my entire career now revolves around my physical appearance. And I use my body to promote and sell my career, which is my brand, which is me. Now I don’t think Im better than anyone, I just think I am the FKIN best! And I am not ashamed or shy to use what I got to get what I want in life, both personally and professionally. It took me a very long time to get to this place and I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved. And I FKIN should be. And SO SHOULD YOU! Not be proud of me, I mean, feel free, but be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Love yourself. It’s not a bad thing and if more people did love themselves they would spend way less time hating and bullying one another.

So here is yet another shameless sexual clip of me loving myself and getting you off…



Guys cant get enough of my thick hairy pecs and especially my extra juicy, what I like to call ém, daddy suckers! That being my swollen nipples that guys can spend hours suckling on. Over-sized from years of nipple play and torture as well as pumping, my beast rudders are made to be latched onto and serviced! I love using my Mister B Amsterdam! Extra Large Tit Suckers to swell my nips up even more. It makes me look like I have severe “bitch tits!” which, you can imagine is a major turn on for me!

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