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GRAB my COCK and get a free 3 day pass to my ONLY FANS!

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The cursed dildo is BACK! For those just tunning in my cock was moulded in 2016! Yes, 5 years ago! Pre-pumping, saline a pierced PA put in and torn out. Produced by @eagle_leather we suffered set back after set back only to momentarily see production in 2020 when it finally got released only to have it brought to an abrupt halt due to covid and manufacturing issues. FINALLY IT’S BACK!!! and just in time as parts of Australia are still in lockdown while the other parts have just come out – the first Aussie sales also get a FREE 3 day trial of my Only Fans. And for the rest of you 🐷s there’s a limited amount of FREE 3 day trials to all international purchases! So cum tomorrow, click onto my SHOP PAGE or the @eagle_leather website buy my dick get my OF for free, watch me while you shove me in you! Special thnx to the box photography @darkroom.projects and design @bl4z3n *FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING*