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You see people start running past screaming out the name of  the Beast King! ROGAN! ROGAN! That’s when the smell hits you, it fills your nostrils and clogs up your throat. You almost gag at first from the powerful potency, but then the stench of your Kings masculine sweat mixed with testosterone and bodily fluids that has swept through the city in a thick wave makes your cock instantly rock hard and ass hole twitch in pleasure. You always smell the Beast Kings feet first, then his wet sweaty huge balls and cock, even before you see him, which considering he towers above the city higher than any man made structure is testimony on just just how strong his body odour is! And thats even before you run and join the other worshippers at your Kings feet. The stink so strong this close it is like a thick fog and you almost can not see the person kneeling next to you. And even as strong as it is, it is nothing compared to when the Beast King lifts his arms and the smell of those wet armpits take over all your senses! Your noise and lungs are raped from the harsh pungency, your eyes water and for many they loose consciousness and drop to the ground in an aroused fevered dream. You only hope you will be blessed today and have one of the Beast Kings armpit sweat beads fall onto you. If you don’t pass out from the force of the sweat hitting you, you reveal in being saturated in his pit stink that will stay with you for weeks afterwards.

You scream your devotion and you look up too see…

would you ever think I would wear a cock cage?

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Every fetish is based in an original concept or idea. Chasity, cock cages, are unanimous with Subs and Masters. The Master or Daddy/Sir would have the key and the Sub´s cock would be encaged and at the mercy of his Daddy. The psychology is very clear. Daddy owns Sub. But like most fetish´s over time they can evolve or along comes a guy like me that refuses to think inside the boxes that I am given and dance, or is it fuck, lets just say, lives to my own beat.

Recently I thought about putting my cock in a cage. No one would have the key, I would be in control, it would be self imprisonment. The idea came about after thinking about the enjoyment I get outta the pain I cause to my body. Nipple torture, fighting, punching, CNB torture, even pumping can cause discomfort that others shy away from and that I find addictive. Also how my dick can hurt after 48hrs of non-stop straight ass drilling. the feeling becomes that of a throbbing pain that turns me on so much it makes me even harder and wanna keep thrusting it into holes. Then I thought what if I put my cock in a cage? I am assuming that the feeling of a cage in my cock would automatically make it hard and would it feel painful being restricted like that?

That covers the physical aspect. So the psychological aspect would be the same as when I have gotten guy to tie me up and torture my nipples or gut and pec punch me or do CNB torture on me. I get turned on by being a caged beast that you cant cage. Like trying to chain down King Kong, or stitch up Madonna´s mouth. Of course I have to first find a cage big enough then I have no bloody idea how it´s going to feel??? I might hate it and want it off like I do any piece of clothing on my body.

I guess there´s only one way to find out…


now remember PORN when you were growing up…

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As I just stated in my last porn I didn’t watch porn growing up but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have my actors or characters that weren´t on my wank-bank VHS tape! Yes, we had two VHS players so we could dub the films my dad liked and I used to make a wank-bank tape that I would hide in shame and bring out anytime my parents were out and flog Rogan Jr! (In this case not the python!) So who was on that tape? Here´s 5 guys that used to get my cock blowing its pubescent seed!

Michale Paré

he had a few clips on my tape BUT the one that got the most wear and tear was THIS SCENE!

Billy Writh

wasn’t only a Lost Boy but an episode of Red Shoe Diaries had him (AND David Duchovny!) had me putting up my tent pole a bunch of times…

Johnathon Schaech

I was first introduced to Johnathon with his role in Doom Generation. Greg Araki films were very much a sexual awakening for me growing up. I was obsessed with his character in Doom Generation, it´s like I could smell him!

This one may be a cliché, BUT YES Jean Claude Van Damme had many films that I would jack off too. A lot of my loads were spent on action heros fighting other guys topless. I think this is where my aggression and dominance comes from.

The two clips that got worn down are below. I still jack off to that Cyborg fight scene! (The part that usually gets my cock throbbing is at 2.23 minutes.)


You might be surprised to know He Man didnt effect me sexually at all. That´s not to say I wasn´t flogging off to cartoon or comic characters. I would have wanked off Werewolf by Night more than anything else! When he transformed he would inevitably end up fighting up a jacked up villain who´s top would be torn off they would be topless with the bad guy always being bigger so the werewolf would straddle him and in one pic at least, they would always have their pecs pressed against the others!

but back to Tarzan … he was the first male to wake up my sexual organs! The tv show, cartoon, comics, all of it BUT there was one Tarzan that really made me wanna be a gorilla. (Pause, for dramatical effect. Not because of which Tarzan it was but the origins of my gorilla persona!) The Miles O´Keeffe in Bo Derek, Tarzan the Ape Man film. (You can also find Miles in several topless barbarian roles!) The fight scene at the end (uncannily similar to that of the ones in Werewolf by Night) would get my cock moving around a lot! Unfortunately I cant find this scene in its complete form so have had to post it in sections below…

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