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It’s been a LONG journey for me and my bodybuilding. First COVID hit and took away a lifestyle that not only provided me with a globally lusted after GOD BEAST BODY! but grounded me with structure in my life that kept the dark side of my life and career (You don’t work in the sex industry and not be subjected to a lot of dark shit!) at the door. Provided me with constant motivation and fed my emotional and mental health with positivity. After COVID and due to some of that fore–mentioned dark shit finally being able to shove its way through the door, I suffered a massive physical set–back when I got nerve damage to my shoulder which took almost 12 months to heal and straight after that I was in intensive care with pneumonia. Then I dived into the massive task of, finally after 7 years of being a nomad, relocating my life from Australia to Spain, which I am still in the process of doing.

All that was a massive blow to my bodybuilding and body. Not to mention my mental health and confidence. Which to most people would sound ridiculous, and even in my worst physical shape I was still a league above most “normal” guys. But any real bodybuilder would understand what I am saying because once you start on a bodybuilders journey it is a lifestyle commitment that lasts your entire life or as long as you want to be the best version of you that you can be.

I am so FKIN happy to finally be seeing myself return to the level of physical achievement I was at before all that shit went down. To be able to workout at an intensity I am used to and to again be able to not be struggling to get back what I lost but to be striving to be greater than I have ever been. My shoulder is good. My lungs not so much, but that will take time and extra work on my behalf, which I plan on doing by hitting a pool and including swimming into my daily gym routine. That, or boxing, if I can find a good place to do boxing in Madrid.

We can’t control what life throws at us and it can and will throw a shit pile in our faces at times. We can’t control what people try to do to us and they can and will fuck you up any which way they want too. All you have control over is YOU. You decide what kind of life you want to live and strive to live it. You decide what kind of people you want in your life and try to find those people to fill it. And when shit happens to you – you decide how you will react to it and what you will do about it. Which shows the kind of person you have decided you want to be. And it’s FKIN hard! Even for a GOD like me, who most people think has the world at his feet, and in most part I do, but I also get a heap of negativity, hate and set backs thrown at me on a daily basis. I have a heap of scars and hurt in me and so much pain to process in one lifetime. I have my insecurities, doubts and days when I fight myself to get up and keep fighting even though everything I see, hear and feel is telling me to surrender, give up or distract myself with substance abuse on what ever level that may be. Luckily I am one stubborn bastard and I refuse to give up on myself and what I want to achieve in my life and who I want to be. So I keep on keeping on with all the other stubborn bastards out there… and I say to you guys… Even though everything will try to stop us, NOTHINGS GOING TO STAND IN OUR WAY!

(I won a ticket to see the animated Transformer movie by winning a colouring competition in the newspaper! I LOVED that film. And that there is a great example of what you can achieve if you just believe in yourself and try the best you can. And in this case keep the colours inside the lines!)


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Anyone who’s ever met me knows I tell everyone DO NOT SHAVE! Esp. your ass, pits and bush! Today I considered trimming my jungle ONLY because I pump and hair makes suction very difficult. And they keep getting pulled when I wear a cockring. So I took these pics as a reminder of how hot it looked, but then once seeing the pics I couldn’t bring myself to touching them! You can imagine how good they stink when Im sweating like a Beast and how great it is to bury your face in them!

Piglet and Stinky interior design ltd.

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So some of you may be wondering whats been taking up all my attention? Well, its finally happened, I made the BIG move from Australia to Spain and living my best life renovating my old home away from home! And there’s a LOT of TLC that needs to be poured into this place to make it “mine”. Obvs the initial month or 2 will be the most time consuming, but after that I imagine I will finally be able to relax into my very first home since 2016!!!

Here’s a quick look at what’s been goin on…

You can thank DANNII MINOGUE for making me a PORN ICON!

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It’s true, I wrote Dannii Minogue a passionate hand written letter explaining, probably begging would be closer to the truth, why she should call me, yes I gave her my home phone line, no mobiles back then, and make me one of her back up dancers! And I meant every FKIN word of it. She had just released her debut album and I had lost my shit over it! Love and Kisses was my most played song, and I was spending hours in my lounge room playing, rewinding and replaying the music video to try and lean the chorey. She was my number one artist! I had already grown up with her on Young Talent Time where I had formed a huge CRUSH on her as my favourite. Yes I was also still “straight” at this point in my life, or rather didn’t have a clue I was gay. So when I heard she was doing an album signing at a local Brisbane shopping centre I knew it was my chance to change my life and make my dreams come true!

I also considered myself a bit of a dancer back then and was much, MUCH slimmer and less constricted. Now I just have a hard on for dancers and am happy to pound them rather than try and pound that dance floor. Anyway, I actually thought what did I have to loose? This could be an opportunity to change my life, so I sucked up my insecurities and poured my heart out in that letter! If only I could read what I said now! What ever it was I am positive it was ridden with spelling mistakes and atrocious gramma, because though I may consider myself a good story teller, I am the opposite in the finer details of the art form. And a young mans big dreams of becoming not only a back up dancer BUT Danni’s back up dancer was set in motion. I also have no doubt I fantasied about us falling in love and becoming a famous power couple…

BUT as we all know this did not happen and my dreams of dancing fame were crushed by a huge silence, and instead I turned gay and became a hooker and porn star instead! And it was all Dannii Minogue’s fault! Which made bottoms and many tops all over the world VERY happy! That is till last year, when I finally received a reply to my lost earnest and enthusiastic letter via the amazing help of one of my best friends Bradda!!

But like the legend herself said, “It’s ALL about the FLEX!” now.

My Fav Dannii tracks!


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The first time I used a shoe lace to tie my cock up and make it hard was when I was in Singapore and a bloke had hired me for a long session. During which my cockring snapped and it was my last one. He suggested I use his shoelace and, admittedly I was dubious at first. But I got through that night with an extra swollen huge cock! The guy gave me his shoe lace, it is the same one that I am using in this clip. For quite a time after that night I used that shoe lace instead of a cockring when I was having sex. The below footage is taken from the new RO–RI film XXL Cock Tied.

I had posted me using the shoelace in a few videos at the time and it wasn’t long til a few guys approached me telling me that they were into wrapping or tying their junk off as a fetish. I would even wrap with a few guys on cam now and then. It can also be used as a form of CBT. In this video I show you how I wrap. There is no right or wrong way. But remember you’re basically restricting your junks blood flow and making your cock larger by trapping the blood in it, so if you are going to try this please start slow and softly, then increase the tension as you progress.