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I remember I had this, special, client.  Not retarded but not socially adjusted to what may or may not be proper behaviour or conduct when interacting with another man sexually. God knows if he played with women and what happened then? You can imagine the vast amount of situations I have found myself in and I generally can’t remember last month let alone last decade! But I do remember this kid have a really smelly cheesy cock. I mean, his cheese makes the cheese I have in this video look pathetic. You could have used a tea spoon on his dick. Now at the time a “cheesy dick” to me was not even considered a fetish it was purely bad hygiene and disgusting. No, I did not suck it, or come close to touching it.

Now I think back and wonder if it was in fact his lack of social etiquette or if he was a filthy fetish pig? It wouldn’t be till literally a decade later that I had a lover that was into dick cheese and open my mind to it as a fetish. Since that happened I have really gotten into achieving a cheesy cock and making a sub first sniff, then clean it with his mouth. Then taste it on his mouth when I kiss him straight after. I think I especially get off on it, ’cause its hard for me to smell anything. NO, my rank BO hasn’t burnt my nostrils numb, my nose was cauterised as a child to stop constant blood noses I would suffer from and since then I have a very weak to pretty non-existent sense of smell. BUT I can smell my cock when its cheesy! And it FKIN smells amazing.

The other attraction for me is how bloody hard it for me to get a cheesy dick due to the fact that I am sticking it in guys mouths and ass holes so often there’s no opportunity for it to accumulate. SO being home with Mamma Flex for family time and an over-due rest. Remember that sabatical I was taking in Dec last year. Well, it was far from it due to major trouble in paradise. So when I arrived back in Aust the day before. my Bday I was very happy to start a well welcomed rest – still ongoing. This down time allowed me to get as cheesy cock as you see in this little clip. (Also note my ball sack is normal sized as I have not been cock and ball pumping since being home!). And as I wasn’t planning to break my celibacy I had to do something with my cheesy cock, right?! I even surprised myself when I thought to eat my own cheese and wank off to it… But I got me off! I will however say it was disappointingly not as tasteful as it is stinky.


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see more of the below HERE!

Sex positive is the new Slut. And I couldn’t agree more! But also I think we need to start being appendage positive! Meaning stop dick SELF-shaming. Please take a moment to see that I said “SELF” shaming. Because you cant stop anyone else from dick shaming you but their idiotic shaming won’t affect you if you love your dick. I know its so easy for someone like me to say love your dick when I have a cock that is globally adored. BUT I do feel the right to talk about this because when I was younger I did self-shame and I was very insecure about my cock size. I was afraid to get naked in front of other people, and I was afraid of sex.

So I am firm believer that you need to either accept what you have and be proud of it and work it to its capabilities. You have to be realistic here. For example I find it almost impossible to spoon fuck a guy because my cock is not long so any sexual positions that require a cock to have considerable length I need to be realistic and tap out.

Or change what you are not happy about. Since I started to I love to cock and ball pump! And dick pumping does work! maybe not if you’ve gone in and bought a cheap ass shitty dick pump from the local sex shop, but if you do some research and buy a good one it will swell your cock and or balls to much bigger proportions. Just look at my junk in my films pre 2020’s and after… There is also surgery and permanent fillers but as I have not done any of those I don’t like to talk about something I have no experience or practice with. I am totally up for it though! And would totally do it if I was confident with the person doing it to me and the result I would get.

And one thing that isn’t often talked about is how the size can grow noticeably just from accepting or loving your cock. True fact.

The point I am making is love who you are or alter what you don’t like so you can. I obviously love my cock today. I have gone from one end of the scale to the extreme opposite!

While I have you, did you read the blog post I did about being sex positive and single below…

“Let me tell you about love”


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Let your BEAST KING tell you how to wank his cock off..

And if you found that one of the following; a massive turn on, educational, entertaining, stupid, life changing or just a great time filler, tune into my Only Fans for my LIVE THURSDAY SEX TALK this Thu 7th March at midnight London time. DM me at my Only Fans any topics you want me to talk about. You can DM me on X or the Gram BUT I get SOOOO many DMs on there (its hard being pretty!) I often don’t have time to read them all. No, seriously, that’s not me being a big wanker, its the God-damn truth!

I will trey and make this a weekly thing if i get a BIG response to it. And each Thu the time will vary to accommodate my global fan base! I will also film the event and post it up at my BLOG page here on my official website the following Thursday. On the 7th I will answer a bunch of topics I received on the Gram ages ago that i couldn’t respond to on there. (for obv reasons).

“Let me tell you about love”

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DR RICHARDS to the rescue!

I received this message…

“It was about relationships in general. I’m Aries like you, I hookup a lot, don’t really feel a connection beyond that in most cases to pursue someone (but always have a fun time). In the rare case I do something is ‘wrong’ e.g. they are just visiting, taken already etc. I’ve done therapy and all, there is no ‘issue’ with me. It is just luck and timing basically. And as I get older (33 now) it gets harder because a lot of guys are traumatised by ex’s or taken or only looking to hookup or simply g
given up. I moved to NY from London hoping for a new start but it’s pretty much the same here – guys are with each other for the “wrong reasons” (no judgement, hopefully you know what I mean) for the most part, or open looking for something else (not that I’m against being open). There are of happy gay couples out there but – not to sound negative – its usually down to being tired of hookups, not having other options (either because of themselves or where they live etc)
but generally I am finding a lot of people in couples simply just making do / not actually happy. Therefore I wonder if it’s better and ok to just be single and hoe around. I guess part of me wonders ‘is this it’ but maybe actually it’s ok. Also, when I do see couples, I don’t really see the mixed guy for example (like me) together with someone, its always ‘the same with the same’ most of the time, or a fetished mix e.g. black top + white bottom, white top + asian bottom etc.
I guess I never thought I would be single for so long and always good to get insight from someone who has lived this life longer than I have.”


…and I thought it was an interesting topic to try and comment about.

Firstly, I have had as much luck in relationships as Kylie Minogue. I am just about to attempt to salvage my last relationship and get back together with who I believe is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. More (or less) on that later. What I can talk to you about with great confidence is, obviously not how to keep a man, but navigating the gay scene as a highly sexually active man…

So in regard to what you wrote me; “Therefore I wonder if it’s better and ok to just be single and hoe around. I guess part of me wonders ‘is this it’ but maybe actually it’s ok.” The answer is YES! J-Lo literally just made a self-indulgent Amazon Prime film about this! (This Is Me.) There is no shame or anything wrong with being single and going from one fuck to the other. As you seem to think, couples get together for the wrong reasons, and there is no one greater wrong reason for being with someone other than because you think it’s expected of you not because you actually want to be with that person. The second, which is a massive head fuck, is being too afraid to be alone.

“something is ‘wrong’ e.g. they are just visiting, taken already etc. I’ve done therapy and all, there is no ‘issue’ with me. It is just luck and timing basically.” You answered this yourself. It is timing. I am a big believer that timing (and the interference of life obstacles) has a massive part in how or why couples get together… or break up. My last relationship was a brutal victim to both of those things. It could have been the strongest I have ever had but we met at the wrong time. There’s is nothing you can do to control this factor other than acknowledge and respect it. I wonder what you went to therapy for? Wanting a relationship? Not finding one? Or why you are not comfortable being single? I went to therapy for a sex addiction, I am told therapy can work wonders and I am open to it but the bloke I saw was shit and offered me absolutely nothing. Funnily enough during this time I had an epiphany from watching Madonna’s music video to Die Another Day. I realised for most of my sexually active gay life I struggled with a hopeless Disney idealist (the romantic) in me that was constantly battling with the turbo mega slut! (No extra definition needed.) I constantly went from one relationship to the next but always fucked it up because of my dick. Mads video made me realise the problem wasn’t that one characteristic had to win over the other. Naturally, like you, I assumed the romantic needed to kill the slut. But that I had to embrace both, encouraging the positive characteristics and apply them to my life, and knowing the negative ones to stop them from surfacing. The romantic has just as many bad qualities as the slut.

“for the most part, or open looking for something else (not that I’m against being open).” Now this is a BIG one. The most positive approach to this I have heard is when a mate said, he understood that he can’t provide everything his partner may want to explore sexually and as you only live life once, he didn’t want to deprive his partner of those experiences. Obviously, anyone who chooses to date me automatically has to be comfortable with the fact that I am a sex worker. I have had two relationships in my life where I could say they were my life partner. The first was with me before my career in the sex industry started and when it was taking off, I had to choose between him or my career. Enough said. The second hasn’t asked me to stop but I would be open to considering it now. Or at least open to having that discussion. Being a healthy open couple really relies on communication and honesty. I would say loyalty but that depends way too much on the persons perspective and what their level of love/respect is for their partner.

Also, when I do see couples, I don’t really see the mixed guy for example (like me) together with someone, its always ‘the same with the same’ most of the time, or a fetished mix e.g. black top + white bottom, white top + asian bottom etc. Everyone has a “type” and the great thing is there is a kaleidoscope of choices so there is a type for everyone. And yes, common ones are couple that look like siblings. Strangely enough for someone who has more success at wanking off to myself than any other person I am attracted to the opposite of what I am, super white, blonde and blue eyes. Or brunette, black hair on porcelain white is my kryptonite! I am not limited to this type though and time has made me attracted to attitude and chemistry over physicality. So, then we have the opposites attract type and yes, as you called it, the fetish mix. And a billion other combinations. Embrace and respect all of these and explore and find what works for you.

I have no idea if anything I said helps you in your personal search for happiness or acceptance.

As for me I have graduated from the college of find a man. It helps to be a sex God. And now am struggling to get through the college of keep a man, having continuously flunked it. But all I can say is make sure you keep your eyes open, learn and grow from all the experiences you have and don’t repeat the same mistakes. It may not be that there is technically anything wrong with you but maybe there is something you are doing wrong in the expectations you have or the way you interact or respond to others.

The one common denominator is you and in the journey of true love the only one person you have any control over is yourself.







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I remember when this came out and the studios I was filming for said you can’t post stuff like that and when I told them I had man-drag performances online they said, take those down! I was a DOM MACHO TOP now and couldn’t be posting stuff like that. Do you think I listened to them? That was a distinct point in my porn career where I made a personal decision not to ever pretend to be someone Im not, or allow closed minded pre-conceptions of what other people had about masculinity and what it means influence my beliefs or my choices. And as soon as I retired from working with studios I was allowed to fully embrace my absolute truth in everything I did or filmed.

I always laugh at how stupid guys get when confronted with terms like masc and fem. How much they lie or act just because they want other peoples approval of them or to be called or seen a certain type. At the end of the day, you have it or you don’t honey, And no amount of faking it will ever make you pass for the real deal. For me there was never a dos and don’ts for being a masculine man. I discovered what masculinity meant for me, thanks most part to my father, his obsession with bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling and D-Grade barbarian films. For right or wrong Tarzan was my role model and the kind of guy I wanted to be when I grew up.

During the process of discovering who I was, what I was and becoming the Alpha Beast King you all know me for i also discovered pop music, wigs, women’s clothing and makeup and had fun with it all! Dressing up and camping it up to have a fun night with myself or friends never changed who I was or what I am and I will happily then, now and forever belt out a mime to my fav HSM song on camera as much as own and abuse a sub on that very same camera.

Discover YOUR TRUTH. Learn it. LOVE it. OWN it. Even if it means going your own way…