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I can’t stop praising myself for the peak condition I got myself to last year. You know how you always have body goals. I know, I am most of yours. And I am humbled and really honoured to be so. Last year I achieved my ultimate physique. I literally could not stop filming myself or looking at myself in the mirror.

These videos are the result of about 20 years of hard training and a lot of self love. (and oil stains on the mirror!) See the full video at my XXX page now.

NEW GALLERY!- The VAC “Down and Dirty” Series (MELB 2016)

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In 2016 the VAC (Victorian Aids Council) now re-named Thorne Harbour Health, commissioned ROGAN to create 6 themed images for the Company Of Men photographic exhibition. The project was called the “Down and Dirty” series.
The images were;
1. HIV/Stigma.
2. Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP.
3. Viral Load.
4. Masculinity.
5. Sexual Discrimination.
And 6. “Ideal” Body Image.

“I have always wanted to provoke thought in my audience with whatever creative medium I use. If I have succeeded the viewer will be prompted or stimulated to come to their own conclusion as to what they are seeing or looking at. I was extremely proud of all the images that I managed to bring to life from my mind to photographic paper. All but 6. “Ideal” Body Image. Unfortunately, my idea was boycott by the Melbourne Trans community, who I didn’t realise hated me. The image was to be a young sexy man alone in a locker room, slouched on the floor in front of a locker that is covered with posters of half-naked muscular sexy male models. The boy is reading a macho gay smutt magazine and playing with himself. This is the image you see at a glance but at further inspection you notice that the boy is not wanking his cock off but instead fingers his cunt. It was meant to say expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised if the unnormal has become the norm. I contacted an FTM I saw on Scruff and asked him if he would want to be my model. He went on to rip into me and post our conversation on Face Book to use me as an example of what is wrong with the gay community. I’m still unaware of what I did that made him attack me, ironically lynching me as he played the offended party to… my question? I will admit that I am very blunt and straight to the point when I text. I also have fat fingers which causes many typos and I didn’t see that virgina had been autocorrected to Virginia. Stupid himbo me! One does wonder what human ethics a person has who posts a private conversation on Scuff on a public platform like Face Book? And please don’t be fooled, this was no gentleman from a Jane Austin story I think they had cumdump as an adjective on their precious profile.”