Yea, Yea, that time HUNTER MARX stuck it to me for TITAN MEN

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A wet, hairy mass of muscle dripping from water warmed by the sun. A tight, toned body basking in the moonlight. It doesnít matter when TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Dario Beck get in the moodófrom Day Into Night, they wear it well. Rising from the water as his wet, muscular body glistens, hard Hunter Marx spots a stroking Rogan Richardsóand quickly gives him another cock to play with. A passionate kiss between hairy Alessio Romero and Ray Nicks escalates with another oral exchange, their two bodies shaking as Nicks then takes it deep. Nighttime heats up on the balcony when Dario Beck is joined by smooth Alex Graham, who slides his big dick inside Dario after their hard swordplay.





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After receiving a package from COCKSOX, ROGAN wants nothing more than to turn the camera on and model the gear for his viewers. Never one to be shy he lets his trade mark money maker flop around in between changing the under wear and knowing it’s being filmed his cock gradually grows bigger and bigger…

DISCLAIMER COCKSOX did not encourage this impromptu fashion show, FLEX!ing or lewd behavior. They did however sponsor me (at the time) and there fore need to take some responsibility for the nights shenanigans.

2ND DISCLAIMER The camera was meant to auto-focus but as you can see… didn’t. I apologise for the, at times blurry physique and pee pee.



ASK ROGAN 2 with SKIPPY BAXTER parts 1, 2 and 3!

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ASK ROGAN 2 segment. part 1/3. intro/porn/Skippy.

I finally sat down and got stuck into the questions that have been piling up on my social media. Or maybe, Skippy finally sat me down and made me answer them. As there’s a shit load I have split the AR2 segment into 3 parts. Here is the first where we cover all the questions about the porn industry and Skippy Baxter!

Of course Mousey and Wampa are back along for the ride.

ASK ROGAN 2 segment. part 2/3. ME! and the GYM.

ASK ROGAN 2 segment. part 3/3. the RE-SHOOT! All the rest and sum..

NOW that I have my own ASK ROGAN section at my web site I will continue to answer all your questions, comments, suggestions and whatever else the fuck you wanna send me on a daily and or weekly basis…

the original ASK ROGAN segment!

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the most INTIMATE look at the MAN behind the FLEX!

ROGAN RICHARDS is much more known for what he does rather than what he says. He’s a man of action and when he speaks it’s usually with his witty one – line — banter. He has allowed glimpses of himself in his writing on his TUMBLR and interviews.

Last year he travelled to SCOTT HUNTER’S home in London to participate in an “Ask Scott” segment, retitled, “Ask Rogan.” The footage was lost due to a tech issue and Rogan promised that he would re-film the segment on his own and answer all the questions his followers had sent him. Then his camera equipment was stolen in Antwerp, which was a major set back. Finally back home in Sydney, Australia, with a borrowed camera he sits down in his apartment and spends forty minutes answering all the things you ever wanted to know about him.

This is purely for the hardcore fans — of course there’s FLEX!ing and banter, it even features me and the Wampa but this is a stripped back look at Rogan Richards, at what he considers the start of his career, though some who have been following him for years would differ.

One thing I can say for certain, my dad is a unique man with a lot to offer. Hope you enjoy this film directed by myself.


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