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Bodybuilding by ROGAN RICHARDS

Pec Puppies at City Gym 2013

By November 3, 2016March 2nd, 2021One Comment

The atmosphere is old school enough to have that “Pumping Iron” feel and the equipment is new enough to get the job done. I’m talking about City Gym Sydney. You would have seen a shit load of selfies I’ve been posting up on Instagram taken in the mirror of the men’s room at this gym – that room and mirror is notorious for muscle selfies because of its great down lighting!

For this video I hit my trademark, thick hairy, pecs. Instead of stacking the weight on as I normally do I opt for volume, supersets and controlled full range of motion going to failure.

Massive thank you to CITY GYM SYDNEY.



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  • Tom Grable says:

    Rogan ~
    YOU’RE an uber-handsome adonis unlike any bodybuilder I know of (past or present). Thanks for not being ashamed to maintain that body of yours and motivate those of us who aren’t at that point of perfection yet. Your body is a live showcase that displays EVERY muscle group to its’ “n-th degree” ~ you never cease to amaze your followers by continually pushing yourself beyond your personal limitations. With all due respect, you are a man’s man.
    Luv seeing you blasting your biceps ~ seeing that cephalic vein ‘bulge’ gets me ‘boned-up’ everytime I see one of your videos. Keep pumping those mammoth, furry pecs, too (minimal manscaping, pleez).
    With fond adulation,
    Tom Grable (Chicago)

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