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By October 31, 2017No Comments

“Hey guys, Rogan Richards here, I thought I would personally Introduce this RO-RI video. Some of you have been with me since way back when I had my first website, and if you were, you would remember the JOM (Jurk off the Month!) posts. They were pretty raw 3-5 minute films of me jacking off and blowing that I posted once a month. You have to remember this was before I was Australia’s biggest porn export so these films were all my followers had to see me flop my monster out and play with it. Of course now every red blooded homo and a few straights have seen it!

So I’ve bunched these films together to make several RO-RI films, all with one long pay load! It’s been fun looking back at me when I was a muscle pup, smooth, no bullrings, and how I start to evolve into the hairy beast you’re more familiar with today.

I also wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those people that HAVE been with me since the beginning, your loyalty and support is humbling and so appreciated, and also inspires me to keep doing me!”


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