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NEW VIDEO!- Muscle Play in a Public Parking Lot

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Imagine you got into an elevator with the FLEX! What do you think would happen? As soon as he sees you checking out his muscular physique that ripples under his clothes, he wants to show you more…

Without a word spoken he takes you to the bottom level parking lot and lets the fun begin. You feel up close and dirty in this hand held camera experience with ROGAN as he strips, flexes and teases the shit outta you!


Halloween and Michael Myers.

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I was introduced to Michael Myers, as I was introduced to many things that my mum did’t approve off, by my cousin on VHS. I sat in his bedroom with several other people shitting my pants in suspense and from that film on I was hooked. I went back and discovered the film that defined the “slasher flick” genre, the original Halloween one and two. (Pointless film-nerd info; Lance Guest, who plays Alex Rogan, where I got my name form, in The Last Starfighter, plays Jimmy in Halloween 2.)

Just skip 3.

I guess 5 is watchable.

I actually liked 6 and at the time had a crush on Paul Rudd from seeing him in The Size of Watermelons.

I am a MASSIVE Scream one and two fan and when I heard Kevin Williamson was writing Halloween H2O and picking the story up from where two left off I pre-cam! And the film did not let me down – it is KIKASS! (And they should have stopped the franchise there.)

Now that Halloween is almost here I thought I’d re-visit my love for Michael and the Michael Myers inspired shoot I did in 2014 when “Australia’s naughty son” returned home…


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You can see my first series of workout videos I shot in Koh Samui at my Facebook page. I FKIN LOV this island, the people and this gym. I have been here for 3 workout holidays now and can’t wait to get back there! There’s nothing better than training in only shorts, sweat pouring off your pumped body, where there’s noting to do but eat, shit, sleep and train. (And fuck if you’re there with a root!) I recommend this place to anyone and everyone.



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