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NEW VIDEO!- Guns with Skippy Baxter at Oasis Fitness 2015

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Blow out your BIS with barbell curls, super setting inner and outer grip with a training partner. Get a low weight and start with outer grip and do 10 reps. Pass the BB to your training partner and he does 10 reps inner grip. He passes the BB back to you and you do 10 reps inner grip. You pass it back to your partner and he does 10 reps outer grip. If you guys can keep going then keep going. It doesn’t matter if you start inner or outer as long as you are swapping each time. You can also do this on your own, it’s just harder because there’s little to no rest between changing grips.



RWR + RR = RAD! (KIKASS songs you need to know about…)

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Some of you may have seen the post I did recently on Instagram claiming I was bored with music till I discovered Robots with Rayguns. Well, he saw it and contacted me! After I fan-girled out I asked if he would be willing to let me use his tracks for up coming projects … and he said YES!

The first thing I’m gonna do is a new promo for my Bodybuilding page which will also co-inside with a new Instagram and Twitter page dedicated to all things “FLEX!”

I also have an idea to pay homage to the (attempt at a) song and dance scene from Elm Street 2 which I think RWR will be happy to get involved with.

Um.. can you tell I’m excited!

GRAB his latest album WILD STYLE here!

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AS IF I’m not gonna LOV a bloke that made a video to one of his songs using footage from one of my FAV films “VAMP”!