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I appeared at HOTRODS 1st birthday. I just got on a box to GOGO and stunk the entire club out! Sweat lovers, you would’a been proud! Since that night and for the remaining time HOTROD was running it was a playground for my craziest PERFORMANCE ART pieces. All, except one, that was captured on film for your playback enjoyment.

Here is my XXXMAS show with my, then BF, Tommy aka QUIFF and the beautiful ALEXANDRA.

IMG_3929Rod Spark-HotRod-7090IMG_3960Rod Spark-HotRod-7124IMG_3888IMG_3981IMG_3948IMG_3916 IMG_3926IMG_3870IMG_3979IMG_3886IMG_3850IMG_3830IMG_3808IMG_3944IMG_3956


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Hey peeps I have posted about this FAKOR on all my social media but people are still getting taken for a ride.


BE WARNED! that there is a person impersonating me on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA and GAY APS! This twat is using my images (even some of my terminology!) and knows enough information about me to fool someone who doesn’t know me very well into thinking that they are actually talking to me. They are asking for emails and credit card details, they are trying to steal your money claiming that they need your details so you can join a ‘website’ or for ‘goods’, be it videos or a broadcast channel or what ever their little minds can think up!

I have reported them to Facebook repeatedly, of course Facebook are complete wankers themselves and apparently identity theft and fraud doesn’t violate any of their clauses. I have also reported them to GRINDR and SCUFF and though they can delete his profile their infrastructure cant stop them from making a new profile as quick as it takes for them to take it down.


  1. If you are talking to a profile that has, TRISTAN HAMILTON in the profile name – THIS PERSON IS NOT ME!
  2. If they ever ask for any kind of personal information OR credit card details – THIS PERSON IS NOT ME!

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I know, I know, you like the fur! I recently had a check up to make sure the inside is KIKIN ASS as much as the outside and that included a heart cardiology test where they shaved sections of my chest and tummy to stick the readers. I then had to model in one of the images I am directing for the VAC “Down and Dirty” campaign so I had to shave sections of my torso so i didnt look patchy, which, and considering it ALL has to go in March when i compete, Iead to go the BIG SHAVE! (Don’t freak – it grows back in 5 minutes!)

the PORN STAR who cried WEBSITE!

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I recently got a message at my TUMBLR that went something like, “Your web site is still coming soon. I gave up on you a year a go. You’re pathetic!” The thing is, I don’t blame the person for what they said.

But for the first time in a long time I am getting excited that finally I will have a platform to showcase my own porn, that will include films with the KIKASS Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber and the long awaited films with Skippy Baxter! Have my full bodybuilding vids and online coaching back up and be able to share with you my rising success as a photographer and film maker. Not to mention being able to sell some wicked MERCH and put back up all my performance pieces.

So I wont cry anything. I will hit the gym, get a massive pump, get my cock hard and get ready for what is going to be the next big chapter in my career. FK knows you and I are ready for it!