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Ok, I have had heaps of guys messaging me for a cock update. The reason I haven’t done one is that I have nothing to tell you. Unless you missed my last update, where I explained that the tear wasn’t as “bad” as I thought it initially was (being from pierced hole to the urethra) it was only the pierced hole that was torn open. Any larger and I would have needed surgery (I mean, I still may need surgery but) as it was the specialist said the best thing to do was allow it to heal naturally and then on my follow up appointment we would know whether I could put my ring back in or if not, then I would need surgery to stitch the hole up. That appointment is on the 10th of May so I will have something new to tell you then.

I can get a hard-on and I can shoot a load as I have been doing for customers (see video!) That guy won’t mind me sharing one of my loads with you guys, I shot 3 loads for him into his purchased underwear and filmed all three as custom videos for him! Though the reason I shared this video with you is you will notice that my seed flows out the tear on the underside of my cock instead of coming out the head. I’ve never been a shooter, my load’s always been heavy and slow. Piss is much the same. This is why if I can’t put my metal back in I’m pretty sure I will opt for the surgery to sew me back up.

Mostly I miss pumping! My nuts look so small now.


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Lockdown has caused many people to suffer incredibly. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, isolation-induced mental illness, emotional trauma, personal and relationship breakdowns, substance abuse, and the list goes on… And the most fucked up thing is these people are suffering in isolation, completely locked off from their partners, family or mates to provide any type of comfort or support. Yes, there are support groups these people can reach out too, but these are people that don’t reach out for help and are more used to taking all the pain in alone and closing down from the outside world. I know ’cause that’s what I do. I suffer from depression and sleep deprivation, my sleep has been fucked since I tore my cock and COVID has just kept my insomnia going, I’m lucky to get a good nights sleep once a week. I’ve managed to stay on top of my depression (with a few close calls) but I can’t say the same for other people I know and love and the fact that I can’t go give them a huge gorilla hug and protect them is killing me.

Time will show us if lockdown was the best thing to do after the virus is under control what happens to all of those that have been emotionally, physically, and financially destroyed by this? What is the positive effect in the long run with all these terrible consequences? I know I am sheltered here in Australia which gives me a naive view on COVID, I have had no one die that I know from it but I know friends that have lost their homes, jobs, I may have lost the most important person in my life, so right now I say FK YOU to COVID and FK YOU to LOCKDOWN.

If you are in a position to reach out and give your friend, family, or partner a call, send them a gift or do something to show them they’re not alone, to make them smile or help them out in any way or means you can please do so. More than ever we need to be there for those people we care about, we gotta be strong and stay positive and give those who aren’t some of that positive shit to help them get through this…

Remember my website is only $6.99/month for 3 months. It’s my way of dropping the rate down so you can afford it and I can keep getting you off during LOCKDOWN. I am working from the moment I wake up till I go to bed to edit and create new content for you hungry sex pigs! I was really lucky to have destroyed as many holes as I could last year so I have heaps of content to keep editing and releasing as I wouldn’t be able to regardless of COVID, what with my cock tear!

introducing Val Parker

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I met VAL PARKER last year in London, he came to the house I was staying at and we fucked for hours! He is one BIG sexy boy! And as much a sex addict as I am! I still have yet to release that footage BUT you can see us fucking in the second film we made in my latest XXX film PUBLIC PARK 2. Check out some extra footage below and stay tuned for our other film and some more as soon as I get back to London and track his juicy thick ass down again…

You can also see his ass in the last fight photoshoot we did together with Sports Militia London see featured image. Val is on the left with John Thomas in the middle and Gabriel Phoenix on the right. And that’s my ripe thick hairy muscle crack!


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As I say in the video A BIG THANK YOU for all the members at my site – you guys are allowing me to get through COVID with a smile on my face and hard-on in my pants! I know ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Social Distancing’ has helped stop the spread of this deadly virus but it has caused so many more problems including,



Substance abuse

Sleep deprivation

Mental Illness

Personal and Relationship break downs

Financial ruin

Career losses

And the list goes on…

We need to support one another however we can. I have had so many messages from guys telling me  I am getting them through this fucked up time and that guys, means the FKIN world to me! That’s all I want to do right now. That’s why I dropped my website price so that it provides me with the bare minimum to survive and allows my members to stay with me and new ones to join up now while they’re stuck in lockdown and need to get off, have a good laugh or an entertaining or educating read.

AND it helps me stay active both mind and body. I am busier now than ever updating the site, promoting it, and getting plenty of new content on there to keep you guys happy…

This isn’t going to end soon. We need to stay positive, stay strong and you need to cum. So let me help you with all those three things.

SAFE SEX has never been so FKIN FILTHY!

top pic by Sports Militia London