D BOY at the Duke’s hotel. 2016.


I dragged D Boy to my mates hotel room in London and said bring some clothes to shoot in. He brought a suit case, we brought out the bottle of Rum and Whisky and the rest is history!

LOV this Irish PITBULL!

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aint no clown’in around this HALOWEEN!


the FLEX! gets in touch with his WOLF this Halloween!

Halloween and Michael Myers.


I was introduced to Michael Myers, as I was introduced to many things that my mum did’t approve off, by my cousin on VHS. I sat in his bedroom with several other people shitting my pants in suspense and from that film on I was hooked. I went back and discovered the film that defined the “slasher flick” genre, the original Halloween one and two. (Pointless film-nerd info; Lance Guest, who plays Alex Rogan, where I got my name form, in The Last Starfighter, plays Jimmy in Halloween 2.)

Just skip 3.

I guess 5 is watchable.

I actually liked 6 and at the time had a crush on Paul Rudd from seeing him in The Size of Watermelons.

I am a MASSIVE Scream one and two fan and when I heard Kevin Williamson was writing Halloween H2O and picking the story up from where two left off I pre-cam! And the film did not let me down – it is KIKASS! (And they should have stopped the franchise there.)

Now that Halloween is almost here I thought I’d re-visit my love for Michael and the Michael Myers inspired shoot I did in 2014 when “Australia’s naughty son” returned home…

BOOMY 2016.


Back in Madrid re-united with BOOM! BOOM!


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In 2015 I was commissioned by the Victroian AIDS Council for their Down and Dirty campaign to create 6 images to be shown at the Company of Men Exhibition 2016. I was given 6 themes based within the world of sexually active gay men, to explore. One was “PrEP.” The final image as shown in previous posts is 1 of 3 images that will soon be available at my SHOP page for purchase. It has a man (SKIPPY BAXTER) engaging with several other men whose faces are pixelated in a group sex scenario. The idea was to show the sexual indifference that PrEP has inspired within the gay community.

I think PrEP is an amazing breakthrough in the medical world and I use it and totally support its use. It can’t be blamed for how people chose to use or abuse it.

Now at my GALLERY page is a series of black and white photos that were also taken during that photoshoot but not chosen for the final image where I used masks instead of pixelating the faces of the models. The photos you see here are a sneak peek from that shoot.

Photography by Damien Hinds from the Dark Room (as I modeled in the shoot.)

Fetish masks provided by Eagle Leather.