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Skippy Baxter looked in the mirror and admired his naked reflection. His firm bubble butt, soon to be known as Australia’s best exported bottom in the Porn industry, (Just ask Raging Stallion.) burst out of the red jock strap he was wearing. It was Snow White with a slight covering of dark soft hair manipulating any admirer to follow the trail to his tight hole. He tensed each bum cheek individually making them dance.

He was topless revealing his wide set lats and large thick chest. There was slight fur lining the bottom and inner part of his chest, where his pec muscles bludged out to create a handful of muscle, and around his thick juicy nipples. Thick shoulders and arms framed his muscular-jock physique.

He raised one thick dark eyebrow, squinting his wicked green eyes and slightly raised one hip and let one rip. Better to do it now in the bathroom while he was alone. He settled the rein deer ears on top of his head one last time trying not to feel like a dick head for wearing them. But that’s what you get when you’re partner to the crazy Rogan Richards. The fart hit him and he tried to wave it away, thinking to himself, “Shit, that’s a fuck’in weapon!”

There was a knock on the door and Mousey’s voice was faintly heard. He doesn’t have a very loud voice. Well, his voice is probably comparative to his size. “Are you ready yet ‘tard?” Skip rolled his eyes, he couldn’t respond due to the red ball mouth gag stuffed firmly in his mouth. Instead he did his trademark Skippy shuffle to the door and swung it open to see Wampa walking past with some camera equipment.

Wampa stopped and slowly tuned to look at Skippy, then nodded his head indicating towards the end of the hallway where Skippy saw Mousey disappear into the lounge room but not before glancing back at him giving him an impatient glare. “Jesus.” Skippy thought to himself. “Like daddy like son.”

“Did you fart?” Wampa asked. Skip looked at him embarrassed, shrugged then quickly moved down the hallway towards Rogan Richards’ Eagle Leather XXXMAS shoot…



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