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I’m in Madrid and it’s the day after Halloween. I’d just wrapped the shoot for Martin Mazza’s Oh my GOD! Magazine article and I text a mate who I knew had gone to the WE party the night before and was probably still going at it. He replies saying he has two hot guys at his apartment and that I should come join. My cock got hard instantly, I took a picture of it and sent it to him saying, “I’m bringing this with me, warn the other guys!”

I rock up and the apartment has that, we haven’t slept, vampire dim, male sweat and sex smell to it. My mate meets me with a wicked smile and as I walk past the bedroom I see two naked bodies lying on the bed. I strip all my clothes off down to my favorite cock ring. (Courtesy of Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber.) My mate grips my nipple rings hard and my cock starts throbbing with anticipation. I move him around, pulling down his jocks and thrusting my cock in-between his butt cheeks. He stops me, and tells me to slow down. I remember there’s people to meet and walk into the bedroom and am met by two very different blokes…

One’s around my height and size but is thick like a rugby player not defined like a bodybuilder, thick legs and a good big ass, roman facial features. Handsome. As commanding as this big guys presence is it can’t over power the allure the little guy has. Even without actually doing anything the energy that comes from this guy over powers everything else in the apartment.

Introducing, BOOM! BOOM!


He’s tiny, this kid comes up to my chest, compact athletic body, firm and proportioned with the cutest “little” white bubble butt I’ve ever seen. His smile screams trouble and his eyes match mine with that glint of mischievousness. He’s beautiful. For some reason I mistake them as boyfriends because of something someone says. When playing with a couple the rules change slightly for me to respect their relationship first and foremost, having been in bad 3 ways in the past where my boy has felt left out.

Introductions done. Lets fuck.

I lie on the bed next to the big guy and our lips meet as BOOM! BOOM! and my mate both work my cock and balls over with their mouths. I’m in heaven. I wrap my arm around the big guy forcing his face hard into mine and reach down grabbing the back of BOOM! BOOM!’s head forcing him down on my cock so my hard meat is thrust deep down his throat. While I do this my mate moves up and starts to chew on my chest. I thought I was in heaven but now I’m somewhere better! I move my hand to my mate’s head, forcing his face deep into my thick pec. I look down and meet BOOM! BOOM!’s eyes as he works my cock over. When our eyes meet we both smile at each other like we’re in on a secret dirty joke. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t had this happen to you when you’ve met someone for the first time and you just get each other sexually without any talking needed. So I have my mate still biting down on my left nipple and the big guy reaches up with his hand and squeezes my right one. BOOM! BOOM! has his mouth full of my hard cock, after fucking, this is the next best thing.

My mate gets up and leaves the room to go do something and I turn to the big guy and ask him if he’s vers expecting him to say he’s a top but he tells me he is. Three hot bottoms and me. Nice…

I get on top of the big guy on all fours, my ass in the air, my intention to get into missionary position and fuck this big dude and make him my bitch. All of a sudden there’s a face deep in my muscle ass. Working it with the same enthusiasm he did my cock is BOOM! BOOM! This kid is ticking all the boxes and is like an energizer bunny. He’s doin such a good job licking my hole out and working over my muscle cheeks I stop paying any attention to the big guy and just moan. I spin around and grab the guys face and shove my tongue down his throat tasting my ass on his mouth. I can wrap one arm around him and I do and pull his tight body into me, pressing him up against my pecs and abs. We are still kissing and my hands find his ass. As soon as I cup his little bubble butt in my hands and feel how tight and round his cheeks are I shove him down and go at his ass with my face. My hands go between spreading his ass cheeks open and squeezing his thick legs. He’s got good legs. One of the first things I noticed is his body, tiny as it is, is totally in proportion.

I stop. I want to rape this kid bad, throw him around the room and fuck him like I wanna rip him a new hole. I have a funny feeling he’s thinking the same thing. But I stop myself because who I think is his boyfriend is lying there next to us and I can’t figure him out. I don’t know if he’s lazy, drug fucked or just happy to lie there, do nothing and watch the show. In any case I feel the best thing to do is remove myself from the situation so I can get a lid on the beast that was about to be unleashed on BOOM! BOOM! and walk out of the room.

The other two follow me out of the bedroom and we start having a few drinks and talking. Chill out time. That’s when I ask them how long they’ve been together and they tell me they’re not a couple. (Can I have a “fuck yeah!”) At this point I’ve lost all interest in the big guy, I’m just getting no vibes off him and hey, he just might not be into me. Ah…maybe he’s shy? In any case my mate takes the big guy into the bedroom.

Can I get another, “fuck yeah!”

But it’s like BOOM! BOOM! is one step ahead of me, he’s looking up at me with a smile that says “About time!” We both want it. We both know it. His cock is rock hard and so is mine.


I have him down on his back on the couch and I push my cock inside him slowly at first but don’t wait too long before I grab the top of the couch with both hands for grip and thrust my dick as deep as I can, spreading his tight hole open. And BOOM! BOOM! moans out load. I’m not a size queen, I don’t have the biggest cock. When I fill out sex profiles I click the large box not the extra large but there’s something about when I push my cock all the way into an ass and the feeling shoots through the guys body and out his mouth in a load moan that makes me feel like a God.  I get off on getting guys off on me. BOOM! BOOM! Says to me, “Come on, baby.” And that’s when I realize for his size this kid is one tough fucker. I start laying into him, he quickly grabs his nuts holding them up so that they don’t get squashed as my hips ram up against him, my hard black cock slamming in and out of his tight white hole, and the whole time, BOOM! BOOM!’s smiling at me. (This kid is a complete surprise.) My thick legs are resting on the couch spreading his legs so that my thick hungry cock has full access to his tight hole. Something about watching my dark thick quads with his smaller but thick white ones pressed up against them as I’m thrusting gets the Alpha in me fired up. His head and shoulders are being pressed into the back of the couch, this crunches his pecs and abs making them pop. I grab his hands and place them on my nipple rings but he’s hesitant to squeeze them. They’re not FKIN pierced for decoration!

I pull out and stand up pulling him onto his feet with me. This guy bounces up with a puppy dog expectance in his eyes, I know he’s thinking what you got for me now big guy? I bring his hands back to my nipples and tell him, squeeze. He squeezes and I say harder. He does, I say harder and he does, I say harder and he goes home on them. The pleasure shoots through my pecs, down my abs and into my fully hard cock that starts bouncing and I growl.

I move him in front of a mirror. I watch my massive muscular dark frame pressed up behind his small white body as I fuck him and I get so turned on. My massive guns wrapped around his compact torso, pulling him into my pecs and abs so that I can feel his back rubbing up against me. I have to squat a little but that just makes my quads and hammies pop as I fucked him and that makes my cock harder again. I feel it throbbing in his arse. Then I grab his shoulders and push him down so he’s totally bent over, I then grab his hips and start pumping his ass as hard and rough as I can. And he takes everything I got to give him.

We move back to the couch and I throw him down so he is kneeling on the couch facing the back his round bubble butt facing out. I kneel down on the couch behind him and slide myself inside. I stay high so as my cock goes inside it grinds on the roof of his hole. I move it in and out like this slowly enjoying the grinding sensation. And he loves it. I then move my hips a little lower grab the couch seat on either side of him and start pounding again. In this position my arms, pecs and abs are all FLEX!ed and pumped and his back is slamming up against them with each hard thrust. This time I stop because I’m gonna cum and I don’t want to cause I have my HardKinks shoot the next day and wanna save my juice up.

The other boys come out of the bedroom again and my mate says he needs to get some rest. The party’s over. We say our goodbyes and me, BOOM! BOOM! and the big guy leave. Outside the apartment the big guy walks away I turn to BOOM! BOOM! and ask, “Where’re we going?” He smiles and tells me to follow him. Or rather in his German/Brazilian accent tells me, “Come with me, baby.” I tell him I’m gonna call him, BOOM! BOOM! He replies, “Ok, then I call you my Bodyguard.”

We fucked all night long, in the lobby of his apartment building – there’s a good mirror there – in his bed room, on his lounge room table, in the kitchen… what can I say, he’s BOOM! BOOM!

And the little shit made me cum.


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