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I walk into the gym change rooms after a trade mark “NO – HOLDING BACK – MASSIVE PUMP – KIKASS!” workout. My vascular skin stretched tight over my charged muscles. l hear someone follow me in. It’s another massive guy, we noticed each other on the gym floor and acknowledged that we were both the biggest guys in the place. Standing on opposite sides of the room, we stare each other down. Our thick pecs rising up and down inside our muscle stringers that are pulled tight against them. It’s time to establish who is the “Alpha” and I start flexing. He copies me and soon we are both showing off our gargantuan physiques. Each time we flex our clothing rips against the strain of our muscles. First our tops shred and fall away. Then our pants start to rip as we flex our thick legs.  Our juicy thick cocks burst out of our pants, hard and dripping cum. Completely naked we stomp towards each other until we are head to head, muscle to muscle, cock to cock.  We give it our all and don’t hold back, howling at the top of our voices as we strain every muscle on our body till we look like we are going to explode. Without even having to touch our dicks, cum blows out of our cocks into one another. BUT my cum is stronger hitting the other guy off his feet, across the room, into the wall and drops him on the ground.

I wink at him, my thick cock now dropping between my legs drooling cum, and with my cocky smile say, “it’s ALL about the FLEX!”

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