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TONIGHT, Thursday 21st January 2016, was the opening night of the COMPANY OF MEN EXHIBITION 2016 where I finally revealed the VAC images I was commissioned to create for their Down and Dirty campaign.

“Art is the expression of someone’s feelings, thoughts, experiences and imagination. We might not agree with a point of view or dislike someone’s opinion; however, the beauty of Company of Men as an art exhibition is that it embraces constructive discussions and promotes the audience to gain new understandings to such complicated concepts such as “Masculinity” and “Male Sexuality”.

For the exhibition this year Down an’ Dirty commissioned Rogan Richards to produce a series of six images related to Sex, ‘Masculinity’ and Sexual Health. We are very excited with the final result and we are ready to share it with the world at Company of Men 2016.”


The night was a MASSIVE success! Even after having to move location with only 24 hours till opening night after the council shut the previous venue down! AND I sold the above image “BANG! BANG!” based on HIV Stigma and feat. DINGO! Twice! (All takings going back to the Victorian Aids Council)


I also revealed my EPIC photographic piece “the WAIT is OVER” to commemorate the release of my web site.

And did a live performance piece entitled “NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!”

Stay tuned for more posts where I will reveal all 6 VAC images and my personal piece for sale at my SHOP here at my BLOG … AND … will premiere my latest performance piece.


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