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Though this states it is introducing me it was the 2nd film I shot for MEN AT PLAY. I remember being unsure about my 90’s daytime soap hair-style but I think I made it work and if you’re paying attention to my hair I’m not performing to my best ability.

Speaking of which, some of you who are hardcore followers know I suffered from depression and social shyness when i was younger. I also have admitted that I struggled in the 3 porn films I made several years prior to starting work with MAP, which I proudly proclaim as the start of my porn career. Between those first films and MAP I had developed sexual confidence through escorting but when I shot these initial films with MAP when it came time for the “money shot” I got stage fright and couldn’t perform! (I don’t think porn stars are meant to be this honest but fuck it.) Anyway MAP were such cool guys that when it came to do the cum shot in this film they set the camera up and they all left the room! This is NOT common practice in the industry and i don’t know if they have ever done this for anyone else but it shows how FKIN great these guys were to me.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again MAP made me and I will always be grateful to them for this.

Of course as soon as they left the room I blew in seconds! The guy in the mirror helped of course.


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And of course now when it comes time to shoot my load I got that old chestnut(s) down pat!



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