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The venue is SIRCUIT.

SKIPPY BAXTER walked onto the stage facing the back wall, his sexy white bubble butt bared to the audience in a jockstrap. I walked on and stood next to him facing the audience stroking my hard fat cock, naked wearing only my #dontyouknowmyshoesarefamous high tops. (Yep, they havn’t fallen apart … yet.) LETTERIO AMADEO moves up on my other side facing his ass framed in a jock strap to the audience. The projector starts and images of my porn films flicker across the stage and dance off our muscular bodies. I slowly work my cock over making the blood fill it up until it’s throbbing. Skip looks at it hungry, he knows exactly how that piece of meat feels and FKIN loves it. The audience can see me fucking his ass like a jack hammer on the projected imagery that sweeps over us. I glance at Letterio and he has a hungry glint in his eyes. I move to the front of the stage where the audience has gathered in anticipation. After a moment the two boys turn around and move to either side of me…

This is LOADED.

song used in film: “Secret Scream” by the BLACK QUEEN

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