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Me and SCOTT HUNTER had wanted to meet and fuck for about a year before we actually met on the set of MAP’s RUFDUP’N’WET. MAP had asked if there were any models I wanted to work with and SCOTT was on the top of the list I gave them and they made it happen. (Have I said how FKIN good that studio was to me!) I have done scenes with models I’ve requested before and they don’t always turn out as great as you hope. Sexual chemistry is something that you naturally have with someone or you don’t. Luckily the sexual energy between me and SCOTT was off the scale. I don’t know if it was the 12 months of pent up anticipation to get my cock inside his hot white ass BUT we went for it in this film and didn’t hold anything back. I think it shows and we both still get messages from fans telling us how “HOT” this scene is and how much we are obviously into each other!

As it turns out we not only hit it off sexually but SCOTT has now become a close mate and we have kept in touch and I try and visit him every time I go to the UK. I have a KIKASS home video of us fucking that I will be uploading on my XXX page very soon and some KIKASS photo shoots I did of and with him that will be at my GALLERIES page at the same time. STAY TUNED…


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