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To celebrate my BIRTHDAY today I thought I’d post up one of my favourite performance pieces up.

I distinctly remember it was around the time that Oxford street started having a heavy police presence and many of the gay bars and clubs were getting raided and or fined. The PoPo weren’t just targeting drugs and alcohol abuse, or I would have been fine, but also nudity, so I was FKED! Nathan Mahon, who ran the night, came into the dresser room before the show and said that the venue management had spoken to him and said that there was to be no nudity in my performance. I asked who gets in trouble, me or the club? Nathan I stared back at him blankly then turned to my reflection in the mirror to settle my wig while proclaiming, “I am not changing my show Freddy!”

As you can see you should never tell me “not” do something!

a MASSIVE FKIN TAHNKU to AARON MANHATTAN not only because he was crazy enough to do a show with me BUT because he was the person who inspired me to take my shows to completely different level than I had been after seeing his HORROR SHOW performance at HOTROD.

He is an amazing man, an astounding artist and a good mate. Wherever U are mate I know something’s about to go down!

And Sam Gatsby Lim for shooting this HOT MESS of a promo vid!

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