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Here’s a list of the pornography I have done for other studios from my Dirty Tony debut in 2009 to my last film for Hardkinks in 2015. (Big thanks, in most part, to Al for making this list.)



UNDER CONTROL Rogan Richards/Robin Sanchez (2012)

THE PT Rogan Richards/Bruno Knight (2012)

ROGAN’S CREW Rogan Richards/Donato Reyes (2012)

ROGAN’S CREW 2 Rogan Richards/Dani Demon (2013)

RUFDUP Rogan Richards/Landon Conrad (2013)

SPY BOY Rogan Richards/Marco Rubi (2013)

TUXDUP Rogan Richards/Paul Wagner (2013)

RUFDUP’N’WET Rogan Richards/Scott Hunter (2014)

DOUBLE STAKES Rogan Richards/Dato Foland/Klien Kerr (2016)


Check out my film with Jake Deckard and Austin Merrick (2013) at…



POWERLOAD Rogan Richards/Trenton Ducati (2013)

BEHIND THE BIG TOP Rogan Richards/Leo Domenico/Logan Vaughan (2014)

THE TOURIST Rogan Richards/Abraham Al Malek…/Rogan Richards/Paco (2014)


YOU’VE BEEN CAUGHT Rogan Richards/Diesel O’Green/Jay Roberts/Harley Everett/Ryan Stokes (2012)

THE END Part 2 Rogan Richards/Dato Foland/Paddy O’Brian (2014)

JERKING ON THE JOB Rogan Richards/Jay Roberts (2014…release)

THE BUSINESS OF SEX Rogan Richards/Gabriel Vanderloo (2014)

MEN IN IBIZA Part 6 Rogan Richards/Denis Vega (2014)


SCRUFFY Rogan Richards/Dario Beck (2013)

DICK DANGER Rogan Richards/Jesse Jackman (2014)

DAY INTO NIGHT Rogan “Ouch!” Richards/Hunter Marx (2014 dvd release)


KING SIZE Rogan Richards/Martin Mazza (2013)

THE CREATION Rogan Richards/Antonio Miracle/Mario Domenech (2014)

BONDAGE BEAST Rogan Richards/Isaac Eliad (2015)

Other stuff I’ve done was BIG COCK DOC (2014) for UK NAKED MEN and a film for COLLIN O’NEALS WORLD OF MEN (2010) And though I proudly say my career started in the MAP studio in 2012 I did my 2 first films for DIRTY TONY (2009) Then there were those 5 films I made with TIM TALES (2014)


Then there was a film I shot for HOT SPUNKS in 2012. Can’t find this scene anywhere, which is probably a good thing cause they dressed me in a leather outfit that made me look like I was Cher and Britney’s love child! That same year I also shot a film that is still talked about called WHEN MEN FUCK BOYS  (2012) where I smashed the beautiful young Lucas Davidson’s ass till he couldn’t sit down. I can’t find it on an official site but it’s all over the web on porn hubs.

I shot a film with a bloke in Canada for EBONY D in 2012 as well, before they became something else? No idea what that film was called or where it ended up? I just remember it was an interesting shoot and i had red hair! See pic below…

And there was a film I shot with the very sexy Gabriel Lunna for KRISTEN BJORN that never got released. Most likely because I struggled really badly through that film and it probably sucks. I wrote an article about that but for some reason I never got around to posting it… Maybe one day…



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