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the official blurb; HVNC is a Men’s active lifestyle brand, dedicated to creating premium swimwear for men. The brand is designed for leisure and for the more active demands of the modern man, with a high emphasis on quality and style.

the personal blurb; It’s a rainy day in cold Melbourne, Australia and I am at a dance studio doing a Hip Hop class with my best mate. We were too busy trying to compete with one another to see who was Britney, Janet or even Lindsey Lohan (remember Rumours!) to even pay attention to the teacher. I think freestyle was our forte, breaking into a dance routine at any given situation taking over many a house party. Cut forward a few years and we have both stopped wanting to be pop stars and started working on forging our own music. Though very different styles, mine being naked, sweaty and full of grunt and his clothing, textiles and design. A skip and hop forward again and our lives again intertwine but this time artistically through my video editing and photography and his first swimwear label called HVNC.

We’re still freestyling it but striving to create our own “Rhythm Nation”, with a lot more heart and whole lotta passion.

This is one of the videos i edited for HVNC‘s Solaris Collection.

And recently I grabbed my two besties, B! and IAIN NO.9, my camera and a bunch of HVNC gear and this is what happened…

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