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I can’t even begin to understand that kind of horror in Orlando. but i am very aware of what loss feels like, hurt, frustration and injustice.

What I can talk about is HATE. it’s everywhere, you just have to read the comments on any given youtube post or even in my Ask Rogan segment and you can see how many people love to hate. Why does it take something horrific like the Orlando incident to unite our community? There is so much bitterness, judgement and separation within humanity as a whole. I’m all up for freedom of speech and freedom of choice but if you don’t like someone or don’t understand them why is the reaction hate? what ever happened to live and let live?

Those deaths start with us, every single one of us who has hated someone because we have been jealous of them, didn’t understand them or just didn’t like them. Sure, talking about gun laws is fine and dandy but removing a gun from a haters hand isn’t gonna stop them hating, we need to fight this social disease at it’s root.

We need to start with US. (that’s you and me, not the United States.)

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  • Alex Colby says:

    I am often shocked at the level of ugliness in our own LBGTI community, if you’re not thin, picture perfect or young, you’re made to feel rejected and ugly, yet I don’t know why, I’ve always believed we should be supportive of each other, perfection is a flaw, not a quality, learn to value each other’s differences, that’s beautiful. Orlando incident isn’t something I want to keep hearing about, it’s awful and wrapped in hate, bigotry, violence and evil, however what has happened since then is what we need to focus on, the LBGTI community and most of the world has stood up together in solidarity, this action alone restores my faith in human nature, the Victims, their families and friends are the ones we need to love right now, show them how much their loved ones matter. Regardless of flaws, they are all perfect now……Love is the only weapon against hate…..

  • Alex Colby says:


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