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After walking into FORBIDDEN PLANET today (1 of my 2 best shops on the planet, the other being MINOTAUR in Melbourne Australia) and almost combusting with the amount of KIKASS toy collectables and books I wanted, i literally had to leave the store I was so over whelmed, I have updated my AMAZON WISHLIST. If you wanna show me some FLEX LOV please do so.

AND … i was thinking why don’t i do something in return. Even though you are already buying me something because I have had an effect on your life, either inspiring you, entertaining you, getting you off, making you laugh or how ever I amy have touched you. I can still do something i return for your generosity. Kinda like the circle of life. SO when you get me something send a request with it. Your imagination is the limit BUT it has to be within reason guys and I have the right to refuse to do it if its disrespectful, disgusting or down right impossible.

So click on the link to my AMAZON WISHLIST and get buying!

And i’ll keep on keeping on…

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