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IF you wanna give me some FLEXLOV! here’s some stuff I’ve been eyeing off for awhile but haven’t had the funds to get or just discovered and really WANT!

I first saw this BAMBI LAMP in London in 2012 and have always wanted to grab one.

There are SO MANY KIKASS stuff at Super7 I cream my pants when i click on their site! Check out the Alien Warrior Prototype or the Alien Sinister Sandstorm or the Alien Queen Molten Magma – seriously KIKASS!!!

OR the M.U.S.C.L.E Alien collaboration!

OR this MOTU Card Art Collection!

OK, so I’m super excited to see if anyone gets me one of these things! People ask me what do i fantasise over – SEE ABOVE! BUT make sure you contact me straight away so i can remove the item and post that I have it so i don’t get 2 of something. (I know but its the season for wishful thinking!) AND I will grant a request to anyone who gets me anything for XMAS from this list or from my Amazon Wishlist. It could be a film request, a bodybuilding one or a simple call out.*

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