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As most of you would have read by now the beast is down for the count for awhile. I had to get a hernia operation, which went really well and recovery has been going great so far. Nurse Skippy has been looking after me and has been by my side the whole time, a happy ending to that FKED up story. I go back to be reassessed in a month and they have said “NO” weights for at least 6-8 weeks! Can you imagine me not allowed in the gym!?!

But I will take this time to celebrate a successful 2016. My first calendar! Have you got a copy of my 2017 3D! calendar? If not CLICK HERE!  My very first dildo cumming soon in 2017! Skip entering the year clean and a lot stronger! And my website turning one!

The funny thing was I thought to myself i should take a month or two off as Ive been working on my career non-stop since 2010 and here I am ‘having’ to take it off, care full what you wish for! I didn’t make my bodybuilding summer goal of getting to finally be a 110 kilos muscle beast but I will only be more determined to achieve this once I’m back on my feet and back in the gym!

And I’m taking this time to fine tune the website. You will have already noticed slight changes to the look of the site and my SHOP page filling up with KIKASS stuff – including AUTOGRAPHED PICS! Which many followers have been asking me for! And it wont stop there. And I will be concentrating a lot on my BODYBUILDING page adding weight and food plans, more instructional based videos and answering all your gym questions to help you achieve your gym goals and some KIKASS collaborations with other bodybuilders and athletes.

This year is gonna FKIN ROCK for me and you guys because we are gonna make it!

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  • Darren Waite says:

    Can’t wait to see the new website and what the future brings. For now the fans will just have to watch “the best of Rogan” (which is pretty much everything).

    Get Well Soon xx

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