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You’ve seen the trailer to HOODS 2 TIED UP! (Now available) where the sexy ALEX SCOTT has me tied up and punches the shit outta my abs and pecs and of course tortures my nips with my fat cock rock hard and throbbing the whole way through…

Then you get the hot solo JACK OFF film where I go home on my tits with my EAGLE LEATHER nipple clamps, while watching one of my fav meat head porno’s, til I explode all over my abs. This was another ‘Members Suggestion’ video!

And then DIRTY DAWGS part 2 with the hot MARC FERRER! I plough his ass just the way you get off on me doing it. Deep, relentless and hard for the entire film. Part one was just foreplay… now the real fucking begins…

All three films drop this month as part of my Bday special, 3 XXX films for the first 3 months of 2017!

How many times can you jack off to me a day? Personally, I lost count years ago!

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