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People are always surprised that I will bottom when it comes to bondage or sadomasochism. I don’t think of it as being a sub, I think of it as being such a FKIN machine that I can take anything on and it wont affect me. It turns me on to show you how strong I am, that’s why I get guys to gut and pec punch me when I’m fucking them, so you can see how their punches just bounce of my rock hard muscles. I never punch them because they would end up in hospital. No shit, I’ve broken 2 guys ribs performing muscle power and cant tell you the amount of guys I’ve choked out in a head lock – ALL were requests. Well, the broken ribs weren’t actual requests but squeezing them between my massive tree trunk legs was and that was the unfortunate outcome.

I will try (mostly) anything once. That’s why at the last TROUGH X party here in Melbourne I allowed BJ from Eagle Leather to tie me up and flog me. Done it, won’t be doing it again. Same as getting my cock, balls, and nipples connected to a machine for an E-stim session. Electrical stimulation. Electro –Sex. EMS Electrical muscle stimulation. Being fucked by a T 800 or whatever the fuck you wanna call it.

I have said this before and it isn’t an advertising ploy, the sex I have on my website is real, or as real as porn can be. And the reason I started doing my own porn, besides the fact that I’m a sex addict and I love to show of how I’m the best alpha DOM TOP on the planet, and like to get naked in front of… everyone, was to take you on a voyeuristic tour of my sexual fantasy and adventures. Like Warren said, “There’s nothing to say off camera. Why would you say something if it’s off camera.” So in my latest RO-RI film I do my first Electro –Sex and you watch me do it.

I was told that guys could ejaculate through this experience without touching themselves. In fact this works when you are tied up and surrender control, like a most BDSM. I tried not to think I was in a “Hostel” film as the inconspicuous and slightly scary looking guy dressed in leather from head to toe tied me to his plastic covered bed. I’m always jumping in cock and balls first so this was no different, he connected those first. The equipment he used had different settings that varied in flow of electricity and intensity. A “program” lasted a couple of minutes and then you would go onto the next program. The idea is to find which type of program you like and how high (intensity) you can turn the dial up.

After a few of those I attached the nipples and the party really started.

It didn’t make me cum. To steal the great words of Mr Lombardo, “No little’ machine ‘could ever make me cum.”

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  • Kenneth says:

    Dear Rogan, not only have you landed gents in casualty with broken ribs, you have also nearly sent this old man into cardiac arrest with desire at your videos.

    The idea of you stoically lying down on the bed in this Hostel situation is quite something to behold. please do share it or let us know how we may buy it.


    • Unfortunately this is all there is to show for this video mate. Electro Sex was not for me and I never did it again or will. BUT if its the tied up bondage situation that is the turn on you will be happy to know I do want to do more of that with the focus on nipple torture and body punching. At the moment I dont sell my films BUT i do offer personal custom videos for my pig followers, you can order one of those from the top menu of my page.

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