As you all know I hate wearing clothes. My perfect utopia is a completely naked one with only kicks and caps. And if I do wear clothes you will never get me in tight clothes UNLESS I’m drenching it in my body sweat for a customer! Then it’s ok. Even better when they ask me to dump a load in it as well. EVEN better when they ask for a personalised video of me doing that!

One thing I want you guys to note. This is a one man show and sometimes i can get a customised item to you in a day sometimes it takes a few weeks. On a few odd occasions even longer. This is due to my massive work schedule, travel, personal interruptions and life in general. I ain’t a sweat shop and i do things on my time. So if you make a customised order you will need to have patience but you now when it comes to the FLEX the wait is always worth it!

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