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that good ‘ol MATTRESS!

By September 12, 2017No Comments

with THE MATTRESS 3 RANDY just dropping at my XXX page I thought I do a look back at this series.

So what’s with this FKIN mattress? Well I remember when I filmed the original MATTRESS film I threw my mattress in the lounge room because my bedroom was too cluttered with toys and I thought even though it would be cute and an interesting juxtaposition i didn’t wanna go for that look. So that film just ended up with that title, then in MATTRESS 2 i was at Jeff’s house in Paris and he just had this spare room that had a mattress in it that he said he used as a sex room so we ended up with MATTRESS 2. After that, throwing a mattress down in a room just became an easy default for a set design to film with. You can see i like my series, We have the MOTEL MUSCLE series, the HOODS series, the HOUSE FUCK series and of course the SKIPPY BAXTER SEX TAPES. And now we have the MATTRESS series. Maybe I should sell the mattresses on ebay afterwards!?



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