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By November 28, 2017No Comments

The Dirty Dawgs series came about because when I filmed with the SEXY-ASS MARC FERRER i was drilling him Doggie the whole time.

In Part 3 it was a different SEXY-ASS but the same location and couch, and again I drilled the guy Doggie. People are always asking me what’s my favourite sexual position and I usually answer in front of a mirror and as much as I love missionary so I can see the look on the guys face when i push my fat meat in balls deep and he grips onto my muscles in ecstasy, or squeezes my nips, I have to admit there’s nothing like dominating a guy Doggie and shoving my cock deep and hard all the way inside him.

DIRTY DAWGS 1 and 2 and 3 are now at my XXX page.

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