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whats with the HOODS?

By November 5, 2017No Comments

HOODS came about when a bloke wanted to film with me but didn’t want to show his face.

(NOT to be mistaken with MASKS, the film L.A. MASKS i shot in LA back in 2012, which also was and still may be a series of films where I fuck guys in weird or colourful masks, in different cities, in different countries. The only reason there hasn’t been another in that series is because it just hasn’t naturally come up again. When it comes to my porn i try not to force the environment or the people I’m fucking, I want my films to be as natural as possible with a camera in the room. I’ve always said my porn is just me exploring my sexual fantasies and fetishes and filming it for you guys to see…)

Then when I filmed with Alex Scott in London, his gimmick, for lack of a better word, is that he wears a HOOD always so it just fitted in perfectly with the HOODS series…

Now HOODS 3 is at my site which goes back to an anonymous piggy guy who wanted to worship my fat cock with his mouth and ass but not show his face.

Expect plenty more HOODS films yet to come. I would love an orgy HOOD film, everyone in HOODS bar me. And I annihilate all their asses! Then we pick one lucky bastard who gets everyones load then mine last to finish it off.

Come on, like you guys wouldn’t wanna see that!

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