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Looks like December is gonna be “all about SKIPPY BAXTER” with the last 2 SKIPPY BAXTER SEX TAPES being posted. As the description in the latest XXX film says;

“ROGAN’S fans have witnessed the rise and fall of SKIPPY BAXTER and the rise again. You were there when the first photos started being posted up on instagram, then the films, then the live shows. You saw Skip fall into his meth addiction and the vicious fight to bring him out. This is the last of two films ROGAN and he shot together. It’s a sweet look back at where it all began, gagging on ROGAN’S fat black cock.”

He looks so FKIN young in the latest video. So FKIN beautiful. As you guys know he’s almost out of rehab and is now 6 months clean. He did his 4 months intensive stay and is now half way through his 3 month “Transition” stay. Where he remains on the premises but is now working for the rehab and has much more freedom.

At the end of January he starts his new life. And we can finally make our relationship offical. I mean, in out hearts we’re as official as it gets but he needed his space to get his shit together so we could start a proper relationship on strong grounds esp after the hell we both went through.

I haven’t looked forward to a new year as much as this since I can remember!

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