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There are SO MANY FAKE profiles of me all around the world. Here’s a hint to make it easier for you guys who don’t know if you are talking to me or a FKIN fake.

1. Assume every profile is fake until proven otherwise. I won’t mind taking a pic to prove it’s me.
2. I don’t use me name on my GRINDR or SCRUFF profile.
3. There is a WHERE IS ROGAN section on the top of the ‘Categories’ box (left of the BLOG PAGE on a computer and bottom of the page on a mobile phone) that always has what country/city I’m in so you know where I am and more importantly where I AM NOT!

DO NOT ever give out credit card details! I will never ask you for your credit card details! NEVER!

Don’t get played. I don’t like my fans being taken for a ride by these wankers.

Comment and Like if this made you HARD