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Skip is 6 months clean and back with me in Melbourne. Now the real battle begins. It’s easy to stay clean when your locked away in a bubble at rehab, staying clean when you’re back in the real world is the constant and every FKIN day fight for the rest of his life. You are never cured from addiction, once an addict ALWAYS an addict. But he is stronger than ever and he has his man by his side. We both agreed to wait awhile before we make things official, like change our FB profiles, but in the meantime he’s getting back into the gym and back on with his life.

The SKIPPY BAXTER series has been the most popular films on my web site, so it’s evident you guys love him or love us together! The last 2 in the series VOL 3 and 2 were launched in December. VOL 3 BLOW JOB (see above) shows Skip as a very young muscle pup and even though we weren’t romantically involved at this point the immense sexual energy between us has always been apparent.

VOL 2 was the first film we ever shot. Now that Skip’s a recovering addict he can’t do porn anymore. (Meth addiction is completely intertwined with Chem-Sex.) At least not for a long time. He has told me he doesn’t miss it or want to go back to it. So ending the series on the first one shot is kinda sentimental.

I’m going to approach Skip about filming another ASK ROGAN and SKIP segment so that we can talk more about this journey and fight with addiction and also give you a chance to ask questions and or maybe share your stories. As Rogan Richards I am in a position to reach a global audience and I have always used this power to try and not only entertain but educate and inspire. I’ll get back to you guys on that one…

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, there’s one more Skippy Sex Tape film hidden away on one of my hard drives…

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