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Bodybuilding by ROGAN RICHARDS


By February 25, 2018February 28th, 2021No Comments

Honestly, the number of guys who think sticking steroids into their ass miraculously makes them look like me is FKIN mind-blowing. The fact that they are asking “What juice you on brah?” or “What weight you benching bro?” instead of educating themselves on how to train and eat correctly to maximize growth and size tells me straight away they’re FKIN clueless.

You wanna look like me or better or bigger than me or even half my size, USE UR FKIN BRAIN! Everything you need to know is online, or at least there are enough online videos from guys like me who wanna tell you what to do or show off what we do to get you started and on the right track… Then ask the guys you wanna look like for advice or get a coach.

BUT the main thing I’m trying to stress here is it’s not how much shit you’re pumping into your body or lifting, it’s what you’re doing and how you do it. Start with the foundations and then build up from there.

And tell ’em the FLEX! told you so!

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