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When I arrive at your hotel you will open the door and watch my massive frame that almost doesn’t fit in the doorway walk into the hotel room. You will shut the door and follow me in, staring at the thickness of my back and massive tree trunk legs. You will be nervous because now that you see me in the flesh you know that I could break you with one arm if I wanted too.


I will empty my pockets onto the side table then come stand in the centre of the room. Everything will disappear for you expect the massive muscle beast commanding your attention standing directly in front of you. “Remove my top.” I tell you and you say, “Yes Sir.” You slowly pull my T-shirt up over my head to expose my thick hairy muscle clad body. You don’t know where to look. It’s just all muscle, all hair, all beast. I finally flex my arm and instruct you to, “touch it.” You obey feeling the rock hard muscle as I say, “I’m gonna choke you out with that later.” You want to feel that immense power now but just nod and say, “Yes Sir.” I flex my other arm to show you a double bicep pose and you gasp. “Lick them.” Your mouth rushes to the hard muscles of my bicep and your tongue rolls over the large muscle, first one then the other. Your smelt me as soon as you walked in the room but now with your face so close to my thick hairy ripe pits my alpha stench intoxicates you.

I flex my chest and abs and tell you, “Feel that rock hard muscle.” And you obey me. It’s hard to keep your hands off me. You move to put my thick nipples in your mouth but I stop you. “Get on your knees.” I say and you say ‘Yes Sir.” and lower yourself to the ground. “Lick my shoes.” You roll your mouth over my worn in Adidas kicks smelling the stale sweat. “take my shoes off.” “Yes Sir” you comply removing my shoes and I let you drop your face to breath in my moist socks. “Remove them.” You do as your told and wait… “Lick my feet.” you hear me say and drop your face to my damp feet and start to clean them with your mouth.

After I am satisfied they are cleaned I tell you, “Take my pants off.” “Yes Sir.” you say with a nervous whimper in your voice. You already noticed the huge bulge in my pants the moment you opened the door. This is where the monster waits, and you have seen what the monster is capable off. You grip the tracksuit pants at my hips and lower them down revealing my underwear that barely manages to contain my meaty cock.

You place my tracksuit pants to the side and look up at me. Now I look like the muscle god from your fantasy. Towering above you 105 kilos of thick hairy muscle. I place my hand at the back of your head and push it down so that your slightly bent over, you face to the ground, then gently place your head and neck between my two massive thighs. You feel your self locked inside those huge slabs of meat, the back of your head and neck pressed up against my balls. Then my legs start to squeeze your head and neck, it feels amazing at first then slowly it becomes intense, slowly you feel yourself being completely crushed and when you think it cant tighten anymore that’s when I really start to squeeze and it feels like I’m going to crush your skull. That’s when I release you. 

I lower myself behind you and wrap my thick arms around your torso so you feel yourself in a bear hug, my pecs and abs pressed into your back. Then slowly I start to squeeze you, crushing you within my arms, pushing all the breath out of your lungs, almost caving in your ribs. I let go and you gasp for breath as I place your head in a headlock. “You ok?” I ask. “Yes Sir.” You reply between gasps of air. Then I start to tighten the lock I have around your neck, slowly contracting my muscles making them bigger and as I do so making the tightness around your neck till the room disappears. Everything turns to black and you fall away.

Suddenly light floods back in and you gasp for air, the room rushes back and you notice you are being held in my massive arms, being cradled like a baby. I stand up and pick you up with me and turn you to face me, “Ok, lets start having some fun.” I say with an animal glint in my eyes.

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