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I keep getting asked to to push the limits further and I FKIN love too. How hard or what I can do on film is purely restricted only by the person I am doing it too. Some dick heads think that being an ALPHA, or DOM TOP means smashing the guy you’re fucking with no restraint or mercy. Yeah, that’s hot but I don’t believe in inflicting UNWANTED pain on another human sexually. I can easily pin most guys down and do what I want with them but that doesn’t turn me on. When performing a rape scene I still get off on getting the other guy I’m with off and as long as I know he’s enjoying the pain, humiliation, degradation or what ever we are doing then I am happy and hard to do it! If he’s not I don’t get hard and I’m not happy.

I can still remember when I was so too shy to explore anything sexually. And I am constantly surprising myself with what turns me on and how far I will take sex. i want to share these sexual explorations with you which is why now I try to find guys to film with who are into the extreme. Or if not extreme, just the different. Fisting, Stomping, Fighting, Macrophilia, Breath Control, the list goes on and on…

It’s just a matter of finding the right guys who want to film these things with me… Right now HOODS 4 Sub-Boy has just dropped on my XXX page. Found this sexy pup to tie up and use. We have already spoken about making a another film and next time for me to get much more rougher! CAN’T WAIT!

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